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Teacher Tools Membership

E-Magazine for Winter 2021 Now Available!A Teacher Tools membership includes materials such as
    • Worksheets and activities appropriate for all school age levels
    • Extensive information resource library
    • Access to Kool Kidz Vidz –student made videos describing their successes and challenges as a child with hearing loss
See Table of Contents for this month’s issue

High Quality Professional Development

See our online training portal for families and professionals

  • Community support and learning via live Monthly Meet-Up topic for $14.99
  • On-Demand library of webcasts accessible 24/4, most for $29.99
  • Professional Academy membership to access all webcasts and Meet-Ups $199
  • Earn CEUs from topics you can really apply with your students!

Heard About Streamer?

App for Automated Captioning and Translation Do a free 30-day trial to accommodate communication access needs Low Cost | Easy to Try |Use Your Mic | Works on Any Media Device
  • Captioning is Typically 98+% Accurate
  • Support Access Needs for Students with Hearing Loss
  • Automated 1 or 2-Way Language Translation
  • Also Speech Generation, Note-Taking, Caption Overlay for Presentations
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