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Self-Advocacy Apps!

Have a self-advocacy app that you like? Let us know so we can include it here for others to try! Email information about the app and how you like to use it to info@successforkidswithhearingloss.com. Thanks!

app imageApps are a convenient, brain-based, motivational learning strategy for parents and professionals working with students with hearing loss.  Within our field there are multiple uses for apps such as language, literacy, auditory and self-advocacy skills development.

Focusing specifically on self-advocacy skills, Rule the School apps can be used to teach and practice specific vocabulary and the social language that students need to use to get their needs met and maintain access in their educational environments.  Three apps are specific to amplification:  Hearing Aid TicTacToe Bingo and 2 FM Bingos featuring Phonak’s inspiro and Roger Pen FM (also available as digital products).  These apps are designed for 2, 3 or 4 players and implement either Bingo or TicTactoe Games.  There are 3 sets of cards in each game to select from:  pictures of the parts, labels and functions so they can be used with ages 4 and up.

The original Rule the School Self-Advocacy Board Game is available as an app or a digital product.  You can use it as a vocabulary check as well as to see the students’ knowledge of communication repair, equipment management, securing accommodations and preferential seating.

Last is a fun Hangman Game.  Vocabulary is selected from one of five word banks:  Accommodations, Hearing Aids, Hearing Testing, Cochlear Implants and FM.

Data sheets and sample IEP goals are available for all apps by going to www.rule-the-school.com, clicking on the “Apps are Here” tab and click download on the resource needed.  Apps are available in iTunes.

Thanks to Monica Faherty for sharing this information on apps with Supporting Success! Monica is the developer and owner of Rule the School self-advocacy products.

Posted Jan 2016.