Rule the School – Self Advocacy Game

Digital version of Rule the School Board Game – Only $15  

Save with the Group Rule the School Game for 4-8 users  $50

A colleague highly recommended this games to me and she was right! The games really does help students learn about self-advocacy strategies in fun ways! – Karen L. Anderson, PhD,  Director

This game fosters the independence of student with hearing loss through self-advocacy. They provide parents and professionals with fun and educational teacher-developed activities to help all students with hearing loss learn to help themselves.

Rule the School Self-Advocacy Board Game for Students with Hearing Loss

This is a digital product. Download the game materials. Provide your own dice and player game tokens. 

In order for a student with hearing impairment to talk about hearing loss, amplification, communication repair and classroom accommodations in a knowledgeable, socially appropriate manner, the student must learn and use related vocabulary and problem solve what she/he would do when confronted with commonly occurring challenging situations. Practicing a student’s responses in the Challenge situations helps to create a mental dialogue that can be called upon when he/she faces the particular situation.

GOAL: To provide professionals and parents working with students who are hearing impaired with a fun way to evaluate, problem solve, discuss and role-play students’ self advocacy skills so they can access their school environments in accordance with IDEA 2004.

Game board, Challenge and Mystery Word card decks, Instructions and Rationale, Data sheets for both card decks. Suitable for Grades 2-8.

Digital version of Rule the School Board Game   $15  

Save with the Group Rule the School Game for 4-8 users  $50

Note: In purchasing the downloadable version of this game you are agreeing to abide by the terms of a limited use license, meaning it is only for use by you with your caseload. It is not legal to share downloaded files for others to use.


  • Board game – color, prints out on two 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper
  • Challenge cards
  • Mystery cards
  • Challenge cards data sheet
  • Mystery cards data sheet
  • Sample Annual Goals & Short-term Objectives
  • How to Play
  • Rationale

Total size 38.0KB

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