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Cochlear: Helping Children “Hear now. And always.”

Cochlear: Helping Children “Hear now. And always.”

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Cochlear Concierge: 1-800-216-0228
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Technical and Recipient Support: 1-800-483-3123

Supporting parents and caregivers of children with hearing loss.

As the global leader in Cochlear Implants, Cochlear has been innovating advanced hearing technology for over 30 years. Our mission is to help people “Hear now. And always”, which is particularly important for children who have their lifetime to enjoy the sounds that their world has to offer. Because of our mission, we have created valuable resources for parents and caregivers to help children reach their goals and experience a lifetime of better hearing.

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Rehabilitation Programs: The Communication Corner and Sound Foundation

Our robust rehabilitation program for parents and children – Sound Foundation — can be found online as part of The Communication Corner.  The website includes a range of training opportunities, online and printable resources, and practice tools developed specifically for each age group from babies and toddlers to school-aged children and tweens and teens.  It provides guidance on where to start and which program is best for the child. The Communication Corner even includes a quick assessment tool which helps guide you to where to start in order to get the most out of the rehabilitation exercises and see the most success.  You will always have access to earlier materials if you would like to revisit a program for additional practice.

Online Resource for Parents:  www.IWantYouToHear.com

Cochlear 1For many parents with a child who has received a hearing loss diagnosis, the wish for their child is immediate and clear: “I want you to hear.” They want their child to hear the birds and their favorite songs, learn to develop speech and language, and most of all, they want their child to hear them say “I love you.”

Our online parental resource – IWantYouToHear.com — has been developed to help parents through their child’s journey to better hearing—from the day they learn of a hearing loss diagnosis to rehabilitation.

In addition to the website, a free Resource Guide supporting IWantYouToHear.com is available on the website which provides an even deeper look at the information provided online.  

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Cochlear Concierge
Our highly skilled team of experts can answer questions about our products, the process to Cochlear Implants, our technology and company.  You can reach the Cochlear Concierge team by emailing Concierge@Cochlear.com or by calling 1-800-216-0228.

Cochlear Product Support

If you are a parent of a Cochlear recipient, a caregiver or educator of a Cochlear Implant recipient, we have teams dedicated to help you, including technical support and insurance support services. In addition to expanded customer service support, we also offer extensive self-support resources on our website.

For direct online support, please click here and select the appropriate product for relevant information. 

Technical and Recipient Support: 1-800-483-3123        Insurance Support: 1-800-633-4667 (2)