INTERACT – School Speech-to-Text Captioning

New for the 2018-2019 School Year

Real-time Captioning with Interact-StreamerTM

Cloud-based Application: Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss partners with Auditory Sciences to provide an all new cloud-based captioning accommodation called Interact-StreamerTM. Now, providing real-time captioning for your students has become so much easier.

VIDEO demonstrating and describing Streamer (90 seconds)

What has changed? With Interact-StreamerTM schools can have real-time captioning launched in minutes as it is now so much simpler to implement, and the captioning accuracy continues to improve.

  • Easy setup – no software installation, user setup, or voice training
  • Works with any web-based device – any device with the Chrome browser
  • Simultaneous captioning of multiple speakers
  • Use your microphone or additional microphone options available – lapel, headset, and handheld
  • Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech, and Language translation
  • Typically 95+% accuracy

How is Interact-Streamer different from other types of captioning or CART?  Faster, cheaper, always available, immediate transcript, and it facilitates greater student independence. More accurate than other captioning apps. See a video comparing Interact-Streamer to Microsoft Translator

Streamer is secure! Microsoft Translator collects data for advertising and other purposes. With Interact-Streamer all captioning and translation is secure and not accessible by anyone unless you choose to allow access to your Streamer Room.

See for yourself! Interested in self-guided Demo of Interact-StreamerTM? Use our on-line “Demo Room” to see how easy it is to establish an account and to start captioning. For instructions go to:

Interested in setting up a 30-Day Classroom Trial for your Student(s)Jump over to our $99 Trial Period Information page to find out how the trial works. Identify which of your computers or media devices you want to use, select the wireless microphone option that is best for your setting, and head over to our Purchasing page to place your order.  




Questions about how Interact will work in your situation? Wondering about help getting started once you order the software?  

Contact Mike Massine, Streamer Support Consultant – he is there to help YOU get started. or contact 888-963-8991 x4

Have Interact and need technical support for an issue?

Contact Auditory Sciences at 507-645-8924 or 


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