Streamer Prices

Use StreamerTM for Real-time Captioning Anywhere, Anytime, with Any Device

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss partners with Auditory Sciences to provide StreamerTM.
The StreamerTM web-based captioning and translation is sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis.
There are no per-minute or per-session fees.
30-Day Free Trial
$9.97 per Month
$99 One Year
10-Room Discount

A district-wide option is also available where every student and staff member will have unlimited access to captioning, translation and note-taking services. The monthly cost is around 5 to 10 cents per student. Contact us to receive a detailed price quotation based on the number of students in your district.

StreamerTM complies with data security and privacy laws. Read more.

$4.99 Audio Cable

+ Auditory Sciences

Audio Cable for Connecting Phonak FM/DM Receivers

This is a 12″ long, black, stereo (three conductor), male-male cable with a 2.5mm plug on one end, and a 3.5mm plug on the other. Use this item to connect a receiver with a 2.5mm headset jack (such as the Phonak MyLink or an MLxi Checker) to a PureAudio USB Adapter to make the audio-in connection to the media device logged into the Streamer account.

This item is also available from

$37.50 USB Adapter

+ Auditory Sciences

Andrea Pure Audio USB Sound Card Adapter

Use this USB-SA External Digital Sound Card to connect a wireless microphone’s receiver to a computer’s standard USB port. This higher-end unit has built-in audio filters to improve the audio stream. Many lower-end adapters do not have this feature and may actually add noise to the audio signal. Using a lower-end connector or pass-through adapter may result in reduced captioning accuracy.

This item is also available on Amazon.

Optional Microphones

+ Auditory Sciences

Lapel Mics, Headset Mics, Bluetooth Mics – Use any microphone that will provide high quality audio

The positioning of the microphone is important – the closer to the mouth, the better the accuracy will be.  Each computer, tablet or phone that is connected to the Streamer website using the Chrome browser must receive a high-fidelity audio signal.

Look here to explore wireless microphone options.


Headset with Boom Mic

+ Andrea

Andrea NC-8 ultralight microphone with 3.5mm plug

Inexpensive, high-performance speech recognition microphone, with noise cancelling for noisy environments,

from Andrea Communications. Click here.


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