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Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom


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Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom:

Optimizing Achievement for Students with Hearing Loss


Same great materials now come in a 3-ring binder with dividers. No price increase! Enhance your book with the included downloadable materials and other materials you collect. All of the contents of Building Skills for Success mesh incredibly well with Steps to Success curriculum materials – now both in binder format!
by Karen L. Anderson, PhD & Kathleen A. Arnoldi, MA

The purpose of this book is to provide resources that will assist these students in optimizing their achievement through improved access and self-advocacy. Many publications provide information on supporting students with hearing loss who have academic or language learning needs. The information contained in this book targets the “expanded core curriculum,” or those skills that must be mastered in order to benefit from the core curriculum. This book is meant to be a practical ready-to-go resource for professionals who work with school-age children with hearing loss. Although applicable to students with hearing loss of all degrees, the information is especially pertinent to students who are mainstreamed into their neighborhood schools.

This is a valuable resource for professionals in training, new professionals and seasoned veterans. It also has almost 50 downloadable files for purchasers of the book (see Table of Contents).

Intended audience:
Educators of deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologists, speech language pathologists – the book has also been beneficial for family members!

“Your book, The Deaf Bible as I refer to it, has changed the way our DHH program supports our students and advocates for their learning.” DHH Teacher, Florida

I LOVE the book, it is so helpful to me as a DHH Itinerant! Best, most concise and thorough collection of materials ever. A must for every Itinerant! DHH Teacher, California

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