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Advanced Bionics – Cochlear Implant Info for Schools

Advanced Bionics – Cochlear Implant Info for Schools

(877) 829-0026   CustomerService@advancedbionics.com  

Look2The Tools for Schools program is designed to help children succeed in school. Within the tools found here you will find key educational and support pieces to help you better manage a child with an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant in the classroom.

AB Tools for SchoolsAdditional FREE resources and services can be found online within the Tools for Schools website. These uniquely designed resources have been created so you can provide children with cochlear implants with a successful and rewarding educational experience.

Resources available for FREE on the Tools for Schools™ website include:

Educational Management: Download a variety of resources to help with the educational management of a child with a cochlear implant, including the Audiology Referral Form, Parent and School Communication Log, School Input Form, articles, and much more.

Rehabilitation Materials and Support: Find materials you need to support the successful development of a child’s listening and language skills by downloading PowerPoint presentations and brochures, or accessing online courses.

Assessment Tools: Monitor a child’s progress and verify that equipment is working properly by downloading easy-to-access assessment tools and reference cards, including The Ling Six Sound Check & Cards, The Bilingual Family Interview Scale (BIFI), The Infant and Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (IT-MAIS), Sounds of Speech, Stages of Normal Communication, and more.

Product Information and Troubleshooting: Uniquely developed product guides and apps provide parents and educators with information on the product functions and diagnosing an issue with the child’s sound processor or the accessories.

Tools for Toddlers: Discover helpful information and resources on early intervention for children under three years old who are not yet ready for school, including communication options, family support, developing pre-literacy skills, and more.

Our thanks to Advanced Bionics for contributing this information to the Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss website (posted 9-2015).