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Phonak Roger — Bridging the Understanding Gap for Children with Hearing Loss

Phonak Roger — Bridging the Understanding Gap for Children with Hearing Loss

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Fax: 630-393-9816


Helping teachers understand the how-to’s : Download Roger reference sheets for classroom use here.

Classroom resources: To stay up to date on the latest classroom resources from Phonak for teachers and students, visit the Phonak Classroom Resources page.

Have you heard? Roger bridges the understanding gap.

While the evidence that supports the digital modulated (DM) system known as Roger follows, sometimes Hearing is Believing.  Watch this 8 minute listening simulation  and share it with parents, administrators and colleagues to help them understand the barriers children with hearing loss face every day.

Active participation in the modern classroom

From peer-to-peer work and lectures to activities which include various forms of multimedia, classrooms are places designed for both students and teachers to participate, engage, discuss and truly interact.

In order to keep up with fast-changing learning environments, the Roger for Education portfolio offers various intuitive and easy-to-use solutions, designed for any lesson. Students and teachers alike now have the opportunity to master various modern classroom activities with ease.

Average day in a classroom

Classroom discussions play a key role for teachers and students. When a topic is discussed, a simple question can spark interest and inspire kids who may not otherwise get involved. It creates an open dialogue between students and teachers while helping to strengthen language and verbal skills. Interactive class discussions have been found to represent one third of a student’s learning opportunities in school.1

Learning made easier with Roger

Developed by Phonak, the Roger for Education portfolio is built with over four decades of excellence in designing hearing solutions for children. Roger is the adaptive digital wireless standard that offers outstanding performance by improving the signal-to-noise ratio. This enhances speech understanding in noise.2

Maximum performance

In order to learn via auditory information and understand context, a student must have access to the clearest sound possible. These skills are not only required for successful academic progress, but also necessary for social development.

With the best ever speech-in-noise performance and documented improvements of up to 35% over Dynamic FM and 54% over other FM systems,3 Roger is a class above the rest.

Zero Hassle

Roger’s brilliance lies within the combination of its innovative technology and ease of use. With its simple network setup, there are no frequencies to plan or manage. Whether for one student or many students in a classroom, using Roger is as easy as ABC.

Automatic microphone mode

Fully automatic microphone settings allow for optimal use with minimal intervention on the part of students or teachers. The right microphone mode is automatically chosen based on the orientation of the device. This makes it easy to use on a daily basis for teachers and students.

Intuitive indicator lights

Roger features an indicator light concept across the devices which is clearly visible and easily understood by both students and teachers. The indicator lights confirm the operational status of each device, whether on, off, charging, muted or being used with multiple people talking in a network.

One-tap connection

Connecting microphones and receivers has never been easier. Simply position the Roger Touchscreen Mic close to a receiver or other Roger device and tap `Connect’.

Full compatibility

Roger is compatible with almost every hearing instrument, cochlear implant and bone-anchored hearing device. It also allows multiple microphones and media devices to be connected, creating a network for multiple talkers and audio for full classroom interaction. For flexible integration, the new Roger microphones are compatible with existing Roger receivers, Roger classroom microphones and soundfield systems.


Roger can now be wirelessly installed into hearing devices with RogerDirect, giving children the proven benefits of Roger3 without the need to attach an external receiver.

The Roger for Education portfolio.

The Roger for Education portfolio has been carefully designed for the classroom. From the Roger Touchscreen Mic and the Roger Pass-around, to a variety of Roger receivers, soundfield speaker systems and other classroom devices, there is a solution for every student in all situations.

Roger Transmitters / Microphones

Roger Touchscreen Mic

This is the premier teacher microphone. Its user interface makes Roger Touchscreen Mic simple and intuitive to use in the classroom and allows both teachers and students to easily know when the microphone is working and transmitting.


  • – Intuitive icons for quick access to Roger functions.
  • – Easy swipe technology to scroll through menu options and functions.
  • – Two separate indicator lights – one for on/off and the other to indicate when the device has been muted.
  • – Automatic microphones that adaptively change between Lanyard mode, Small Group mode and Pointing mode.

Small Group mode

The innovative Small Group mode utilizes a system of three intelligent embedded microphones working together in an advanced and adaptive way.

When the Roger Touchscreen Mic is placed on a table between 2-5 students, the microphones will automatically orient to the student who is talking in the group. This ideal solution provides students with improved access to their peers, resulting in engaging classroom activities.

In a recent study, 100% of children preferred listening to their peers using Small Group mode during classroom activities vs. not using a microphone.4

Pointing mode

The Roger Touchscreen Mic features a convenient and clever pointing mode. It allows the user to hear a person positioned in close proximity by simply aiming the device at them. This simple, yet effective solution makes listening fun and easy for teenagers who prefer to manage their own microphone.

Roger Pass-around

The Roger Pass-around is designed to enhance classroom discussions so that not only teachers, but all students are heard clearly. With an appealing design it is the optimal size for kids and teens to hold and fully control. Ideal for situations where there are several talkers, the Roger Pass-around can be handed from one person to another or placed in the sturdy stand in front of the student. This allows for all comments of students and teachers to be heard via Roger receivers and soundfields. The Roger Pass-around is automatically activated by voice or can be configured for Push-to-Talk functionality.

Roger Multimedia Hub

The Roger Multimedia Hub can be connected to any multimedia device used in a classroom – ranging from smartboards and TVs to computers and videos. When the Roger Multimedia Hub is used in a network, the new audio mixing feature allows a teacher’s voice to be heard simultaneously with an audio signal. This is useful when the teacher shows a video and also calls out specific take aways for the students to hear from the video.

The Roger Multimedia Hub can also be connected as a stand-alone media transmitter by an individual student. Optimal for listening to an audiobook, using a tablet or computer.

Roger Charging Rack

The Roger Charging Rack accessory is small and lightweight. It allows up to 4 devices to be charged simultaneously and provides a consistent charging spot for remembering and collecting multiple devices  without the need for additional cords or plugs.

Roger receivers and accessories

Roger X

The miniature universal Roger receiver is compatible with virtually all hearing aids and cochlear Implants, including devices with RogerDirect. A free Roger Installer is required to wirelessly install the Roger X into a student’s Marvel hearing aids. Contact the School Desk to acquire yours.

Roger design-integrated receivers

Roger receivers designed for specific Phonak hearing aids and cochlear implants (CIs) from Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, and MED-EL.

Universal and design-integrated receivers are a great choice for your students, as they can take advantage of DAI programs within the hearing aid, allowing for automatic connection of the microphone to the hearing aid.

Roger MyLink

A convenient universal Roger receiver worn around the neck and compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with T-coil.

When headphones are plugged into the bottom, this device can be used to let teachers or administrators how a Roger system helps their students.

The MyLink can be connected to a tablet or a computer to let students use automated captioning services like Interact Streamer.

Roger Focus

A discreet behind-the-ear receiver that cuts through distracting background noise to bring a speaker’s words directly into a child’s ears. Children with unilateral hearing loss (UHL), and normal hearing children with auditory processing disorder (APD) and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) could benefit from reduced distracting background noise.

You can learn more about Autism and its auditory challenges here.

Roger SoundField systems

Phonak’s portable or installed Roger DigiMaster 5000 loudspeaker system offers the ultimate in instant sound performance for an average size classroom. For larger rooms, multiple Roger DigiMaster 7000s can be used to provide greater coverage.

Roger DigiMaster X

Perfect for classrooms with other soundfield installations to ensure Roger users maintain access to Roger- quality speech understanding. Just plug in, turn on and teach.

Roger WallPilot

This small wall-mounted device is positioned next to the door. When students walk by, it automatically connects their Roger receivers to the room’s existing Roger network. Teachers can also connect their  microphones by simply switching them on, close to the Roger WallPilot. Multiple Roger WallPilots can now be used in large rooms where multiple entrances are used.

Other Roger Transmitters / Microphones

Phonak also makes Roger transmitters for home use, included in this are the Roger Select and the Roger Pen. These microphones add incredible value to listeners in noise, over distance and in reverberant situations. They, however, are incompatible with the Roger for Education portfolio. So Phonak does not recommend that they are the primary solution in a school scenario.

Nonetheless, there are times, when a teen wants a discrete solution, or a district may already have these transmitters. Roger Pens and Selects can be paired together to create Equal Talker networks. Here is more information on these transmitters.

Roger Select

This microphone uses MultiBeam Technology and gives teens discrete control in large, noisy conversations. When placed on a table, it can automatically select who is talking, or the user can manually select, with a tap of the microphone, who they want to listen to when multiple conversations are happening at the same time. This is a great microphone for use during social outings with friends, while in a study group, or in extra curriculars.

Roger Pen

This omnidirectional microphone offers a discreet design and features fully automatic or manual microphone settings. When out on a date, driving in the car, or listening to a coach from afar, this microphone can really help out the individual.

Additional tools to help you manage your Roger equipment and educate your colleagues

Keeping your transmitters up to date

Do you have these devices, but need to upgrade them to the latest firmware? Access and learn about the Roger Upgrader here.

Still not sure what equipment you need?

Create customized set up instructions with the Roger Configurator or simply call our School Desk or your Phonak Rep!



1 Lejon, A. (2013). Children with hearing loss, are they really integrated in the classroom. White Paper. Retrieved from comfortaudio.com

2 Norrix, L. W., Camarota, K., Harris, F. P., & Dean, J. (2016). The effects of FM and hearing aid microphone settings, FM gain, and ambient noise levels on SNR at the tympanic membrane. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 27(2), 117-125.

3 Thibodeau, L. (2014). Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids. American Journal of Audiology, 23(2), 201-210.

4 Rich, S. & Gigandet, X. (2016). Roger™ Touchscreen Mic Small Group mode. Phonak Insight, retrieved from www.phonakpro.com/evidence, accessed August 19th, 2019.



Supporting Success extends sincere thanks to Phonak for providing this information to share with teachers!  Posted January 2020.

*Many thanks to Krista Yukow, Educational Audiologist, for contributing the example brief hearing technology sheets.