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The New Teacher resource is an invaluable bundle packed with information you can use to explain the impact of hearing loss to your student’s teachers and parents. 30 pages of resources. The New Teacher Combo includes:

1. Impact of Hearing Loss on Listening, Learning, and Social Interactions (5 pages)

2. Emailable, computer fillable SIFTERs (Preschool, Elementary, Secondary) (6 pages)

3. Emailable, computer fillable LIFE-R Teacher Appraisal (2 pages)

4. Emailable, computer fillable Access to Curriculum Inventory (ATCI) for General Education Teacher (3 pages)

5. Children with Hearing Loss Miss More Than You Think (1 page)

6. Listening Comprehension Exercise – Mother’s Aprons (1 page)

7. Barriers to Listening – Visual analogies of listening in noise, reverberation, and distance (5 pages)

8. Student Listening Challenges – Understanding the Missing Pieces (1 page)

9. Attitude is Caught, Not Taught (teacher version) (1 page)

10. Hearing Aid/Cochlear Implant Monitoring and the Law (1 page)

11. Hearing Aid Monitoring – An Important Daily Activity (4 pages)

12. Emailable Tips for Teachers (Early Childhood + K-12) Word version (15 pages)