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Advocacy Notes: Myths about IEPs, 504s,
Higher Education Admissions
& Accommodations

Myth #1. Students should be moved from an IEP to a 504 plan for senior year because it “looks better” when they apply to college.
Colleges don’t  ask students applying for admissions whether or not they have a disability (they’re not allowed to), and students don’t have to tell them if they don’t want to. Therefore, IEP teams should not let a students’ plan to attend college change the kind of educational plan they’re on as seniors, or take their services away because they’re worried about how this might affect their chances of getting into college. Teams should also know that there is no reason to send students’ IEPs with their applications – colleges don’t ask for this. (Students will register for accommodations after they enroll at college, and they will send their documentation directly to the disability services office.)

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