Success ToolboxThe purpose of this section is to provide information about the various hearing technology that may be appropriate for their child or students. Our thanks to our manufacturers who have provided information on their hearing technology products! You will find contact information for these companies at the top of their pages. Related to this topic, it may be of interest to read Questions Families Often Ask about their child with hearing loss. Each of the following section pages has been designed to offer general information that is not specific to any product. Specific manufacturer information for Cochlear Implants, FM/DM systems, Bluetooth and Bone-Anchored solutions have been included toward the goal of having all of the basic information about children’s hearing technology available in one place.  Professionals and families are encouraged to refer to the clinical audiologist serving the child or the manufacturers for more in depth information on hearing technology. Hearing Evaluation & Hearing Technology for Young Children The Office of Special Education Programs has two letters of clarification regarding the responsibility of state Part C early intervention (birth through 2 years) programs related to provision of audiological evaluations and assistive technology, including hearing aids and also applying to FM systems  

Connecting Hearing Devices to Computers or iPads

  Battery lifeHearing Aids  Achieving Effective HA UseCochlear Implants FM Systems Information on the FM Systems page has been contributed by Ryan McCreery, PhD. FM systems are devices to improve perception of the teacher’s or caregiver’s voice over distance and background noise Bluetooth and Streaming Options Information on the Bluetooth and Streaming Options webpage has been contributed by Vicki Anderson, AuD. When hearing instruments are connected to a bluetooth or audio streaming technology practically any audio source can be transmitted to both hearing instruments. Bone Anchored Hearing Solutions Information on this page was updated April 2016.  Contact us for comments.