Phonak Roger — Bridging the Understanding Gap for Children with Hearing Loss

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Phonak logoPhonak Roger, a digital modulation (DM) system, helps children to hear in noise and over distance. According to research, noise levels inside classrooms can be high.  Rosenberg found average noise levels in occupied classrooms range from 47 to 73 dB(A), with a mean of 63 dB(A).
1 Rosenberg, G., Blake-Rahter, P., Heavner, J., Allen, L.,Redmond, B., Phillips, J., & Stigers, K. (1999). Improving classroom acoustics (ICA): A three-year FM sound field classroom                                                             amplification study. JEA, 7, 8-28

What is digital modulation/Roger?

Roger, by Phonak, is the digital standard that bridges the understanding gap. It uses a cutting-edge wireless microphone to pick up the voice of the speaker. It transmits the voice wirelessly – via miniature receivers – into a child’s hearing aids or cochlear implants (CIs).

A 2.4 GHz wireless signal is mixed adaptively with the signal picked up by the ear-level microphones in the child’s hearing aids or CIs. The result is an entirely new and scientifically proven level of speech clarity for the child.

Roger X croppedHow Roger Works

Because the Roger wireless microphone transmits a speaker’s voice to miniature Roger receivers (typically attached to a child’s existing hearing aids or CI processors); the child hears the speaker’s voice directly in his/her ears, without distracting background noise. This allows children to hear, understand and fully participate in the conversation.

Inspiro cropped
Roger microphones can be used in different ways. With younger children, the microphone is typically worn by the primary speaker (i.e. a parent or teacher). However, older children have several options:

  • Clip on mic Perspective croppedIf chatting with friends, they can place their microphone in the middle of the table
  • My Link croppedIn quiet, they can listen to someone further away by simply pointing the Roger Pen in his/her direction
  • In loud noise, they can hold their microphone reporter-style or have the speaker wear it around his/her neck
    Roger Pen cropped
Maximum performance

Roger offers the industry’s best-ever speech-in-noise performance, with proven improvements of up to 54 %2 over other FM and digital systems, and 35%2 over Dynamic FM technology.
2 Thibodeau, L. Roger hearing instruments, Phonak Field Study News, April 2013.

Zero Hassle

Roger microphones and receivers are connected with a single click.


Full compatibility

Roger works with virtually every behind-the-ear hearing aid and cochlear implant, making it the most compatible system of its kind. Some Roger microphones can even transmit simultaneously to Roger, FM and soundfield listeners.

Why Roger?

Roger means maximum performance

The theory is simple: the more of a speaker’s words a child can understand, the more successfully they can learn and interact. Roger enables children affected by hearing loss to hear and understand more words than ever before.

The Phonak microchip inside Roger systems powers a unique speech-in-noise algorithm. This generates signal-to-noise ratios that vastly outperform those produced by FM and other digital systems.

Since even a minor improvement in word recognition scores can have a positive effect on a child’s understanding, imagine how life-changing Roger technology benefits can be.


Trust the power of proven performance

I use the Roger Easy Pen all the time and it is amazing. For the most part teachers use it on the neck loop provided or hand held for discussions etc.  It has made all the difference.  High School students love it as it is easy to carry and small.  They have said that now they feel like they can participate in group discussions and hear everyone’s comments. Recently I had a high school student that was taking welding. This presented an issue because the temperature in the room was quite hot and the teacher did not wish to have something on due to sweating etc.  So the student held the Roger Easy Pen and pointed it at teacher during demonstrations and it worked perfectly.  I have also used it with a kindergarten class and it is wonderful.  When they are doing carpet time the teacher will point it to the other students so she can hear the questions and answers and be a part of the language experience. I highly recommend! It works great for Speech as now the speech path can point it directly at the student and they hear their own voice.  All around I have had only success with the Roger Pen.                            Julie Kirkpatrick  MA CCC-A, Educational Audiologist

Roger performs.  Independent studies have proven its capabilities, showing that Roger systems help people with hearing difficulties to understand speech in noise better than today’s FM solutions, especially in noisy rooms.

With the best ever speech-in-noise performance and documented improvements of up to 35% over Dynamic FM and 54% over other FM systems2 Roger is in a class above the rest.
3Thibodeau, Linda, PhD (2013), Comparison of speech recognition with adaptive digital and FM wireless technology by listeners who use hearing aids, University of Texas, Dallas, USA, International Journal of Audiology.


With Roger, children who once struggled to hear in difficult listening situations – in class, at parties, in the car and outdoors – don’t need to struggle any more. They can simply listen and engage

Roger means zero hassle

So rather than synchronizing FM devices, Roger users can focus on what’s really important – enjoying clear, hassle-free communication.

With One-click connection, connecting microphones and receivers has never been easier. Simply position a Roger microphone close to a Roger receiver, or secondary microphone, and click Connect. No interference is possible and privacy is guaranteed.

Roger means compatibility

No matter which hearing aids or cochlear implants a child wears, Roger can help them to hear and understand.

Phonak-Roger-designed-integrated-receiverRoger suits every CI.  

Every cochlear implant recipient can enjoy Roger speech-in-noise performance thanks to our comprehensive range of universal and design-integrated CI receivers.

Roger suits virtually every hearing aid.

There is a Roger receiver to fit almost every hearing aid, no matter what the make or model. These include sleek design-integrated receivers for Phonak hearing aids and universal receivers for other brands.


Supporting Success extends sincere thanks to Phonak for providing this information to share with teachers!  Posted March 2016.

*Many thanks to Krista Yukow, Educational Audiologist, for contributing the example brief hearing technology sheets.

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