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Planning to Meet Student Needs


10 Low-Tech Ideas for Virtual Instruction

Using technology with deaf and hard of hearing students has proven to be a learning experience for all of us.  Many of them do not have reliable internet connections, others...
04th Feb 2021
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Access and Advocacy in an e-Learning World

With remote learning, the teacher, student and the parents need to understand how to use accessibility accommodations and why. This article includes: ground rules for...
24th Aug 2020
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Creating the Least Restrictive Online...

The Impact of Learning with a Hearing Loss in the Online Classroom: While speech delivered through a computer or tablet may be an adequate delivery method for a student with...
23rd Nov 2020
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16th Jul 2020
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E-Learning & Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), many of us have been participating in e-learning or virtual learning for several weeks. During that time, we have all learned a lot! We have learned...
20th Jul 2020
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E-Learning & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to concerns with the rapid spread of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, schools and universities across the country are shutting down their campuses and moving to e-learning...
18th Mar 2020
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Supporting Students Who Are Deaf Plus

The term “Deaf Plus” refers to having both hearing loss and another disability or eligibility that qualifies the student for special education under the IDEA. It can often be...
05th Mar 2020
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