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Early Language Development Handouts and Activities with Bonus CD-ROM


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Everyone who works with young children with hearing loss, including parents, can benefit from having these fun activities on hand. Grab-and-go and ready to share, these handouts and activities will help you to implement strategies to grow, grow, grow a child’s language abilities.

These 25 informational and activity-based handouts will help you tell parents and caregivers at home how they can stimulate language development in their young ones. Copy the black and white handouts or print color versions from the CD-ROM.

  • 25 Informative Handouts
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Practical suggestions for parents and caregivers
  • Parent Letter and Recommended Book List
  • Printable CD-ROM

“I love these handouts and use them when educating the parents on my Early Intervention caseload. The parents find the handouts easy to follow and give them something to work on for their child’s speech and language during the days between therapy sessions. I find them invaluable. Thanks so much!!”

“I work in early intervention and I bought this book so that I could have handouts for parents. The handouts are simple, well-organized and very parent-friendly. I think the handouts included cover most of the topics I provide parents strategies for working on. I plan on getting a lot of use out of this product”.

“Early Language Development/CD has been the perfect tool to use for parent training and therapy ideas. It breaks down early communication into baby steps for parents to understand the “how to” of language development. I have seen such growth in a 2-year-old’s speech development as parents have learned from the handouts and therapy sessions. They reread the handouts which reinforces skills I have taught. Handouts are easy to print out from CD and are colorful. I highly recommend this book/CD for working with our infants/toddlers!”

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