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Preschool Language Pack


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Preschool can be a real challenge for students with hearing loss and their teachers. How do we know that they are learning as well and as fast as they need to if they are to keep up with peers?

The CID-Central Institute for the Deaf Preschool Language Pack provides the functional assessments YOU NEED to be able to identify areas of language development need and track learning progress in the subcategories of.


The Preschool Language Pack includes all functional assessments necessary to accurately:

  • assess a child’s present level of language ability
  • determine goals for IEPs and lessons
  • monitor language progress
  • report to parents and professionals

The package contains (1) TAGS: Teacher Assessment of Grammatical Structures manual + five (5) each:

  • TAGS 1, 2 and 3 Rating Forms
  • CID Early Childhood Vocabulary Rating Forms
  • CID Preschool Pragmatic Language Rating Forms
  • CID Preschool Symbolic Play Skills Rating Forms

All CID functional assessments feature the same simple marking system. Instructions are included.

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss is pleased to partner with the Central Institute for the Deaf to offer the Preschool Language Pack.

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