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Early Intervention Kit – Teaching Guide + Activities Book


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The Early Intervention Kit $84.00 + S/H

There is so much for a family to learn when their infant or toddler is identified with hearing loss. The Early Intervention Kit is a great supplement to the hearing-loss-specific materials you already may be using (i.e., Listen Little Star, Talk Around the Clock, SKI*HI, etc.). Whether you are new to early intervention or a seasoned veteran, this Kit has ‘grab-and-go’ information that you will find yourself using with families again and again. Review the Table of Contents of the Therapy Guide to see the broad scope of these materials. Filled with intervention techniques and skill hierarchies, the Kit will be a good resource for planning your intervention services and is complete enough to be a useful text for university programs. The Activities Book is a gold mine of intervention objectives, goals, and specific suggested activities, for Pre-Linguistic Skills, Expressive Language Skills, Receptive Language Skills and Sound Production Development. It also has a CD and 88 cards to use to introduce beginning sign language to parents. A real deal considering all of the materials this Kit provides! I’ve looked far and wide for early intervention materials that were truly practical and am thrilled for Supporting Success to now offer The Early Intervention Kit!

Ages: Birth-3 Grades: Birth-PreK

This kit has the essential information and tools for successful early intervention services. Effectively address assessment, intervention, and documentation for pre-linguistic skills, speech and language development, and sound production.


Table of Contents Sample Pages

  • Understand the unique aspects of EI service delivery, assessment, and intervention
  • Provide effective intervention for pre-linguistic skills, receptive language, expressive language, sound production, and AAC

This favorite tool of those who provide birth to three services is authored by nationally-recognized lecturer, Nancy B. Swigert. TheEarly Intervention Kit includes:

183-page Therapy/Teaching Guide

Information on assessment, goals, treatment, and documentation including these helps specific to early intervention:

  • complete inventory of speech and language developmental milestones
  • short-term and long-term goals for pre-linguistic skills, receptive and expressive language, and sound production
  • development of communicative intent and functions
  • how to adjust for prematurity
  • home-based vs. center-based assessments
  • the Hawaii Preparing for Integrated Preschool Assessment
  • Symbolic Play Scale Checklist
  • documentation forms (print from the FREE CD)
  • developing the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
  • strategies for parental input and involvement in therapy
  • overview of medical disorders and syndromes
  • implementation of AAC

The Early Intervention Kit $65.00 + S/H

187-page Activities Book

More than 200 activities address prelinguistic skills, receptive language, expressive language, and sound production in a developmental sequence.  Educational handouts supplement teaching and can be printed from the FREE CD. Each activity includes:

  • treatment objective and goals
  • instructions and teaching suggestions
  • expected age of development
  • list of materials/toys needed

88 Sign Language Cards

  • vocabulary words
  • the alphabet
  • numbers 1-10
  • reproducible pages

183-page therapy guide, 187-page activities book plus reproducible pages, 88 sign language cards, vinyl folder. Copyright © 2004

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