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Friends Together


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Written and Illustrated by Tanya Saunders


Luna Bear is sad because she is on her own and has no-one to play with. Luckily, The Bear Buddies are kind and friendly; they scoop her up and before long, she is one of them!


Introducing the eight Bear Buddies, FRIENDS TOGETHER is all about making friends in the playground, helping children learn and practice early social language and interpersonal skills. In addition to modelling simple playtime language that children will need to make friends and join in, the story demonstrates the importance of inclusivity, acceptance, kindness and diverse friendships.

4 Bonus PARTICIPATION PAGES included with fun interactive activities to help children put their learning into practice!


FRIENDS TOGETHER was initially written for deaf children learning to listen and speak but is equally suited to all children aged 3-6 years old as they transition from home to a school environment, a critical time in their developmental journey when they need to learn new language and appropriate behaviour for making friends, playing and thriving in a wider social setting.


Primary focus of the book (themes/concepts):

  • Playtime / play language (asking to play, inviting to play, initiating games to play)
  • Saying hello and introducing yourself and others
  • Saying ‘thank you’ and responding ‘you’re welcome’
  • Paying compliments and responding to compliments
  • Expressing basic feelings
  • Appreciating the importance of kindness and inclusivity in the playground
  • Interactive reading and activities stimulating two-way communication between adult and child, which is essential for the development of fluent receptive and expressive language as well as cognitive and social


Secondary focus of the book (themes/concepts):

  • Learning that different words can have the same or similar meanings (synonyms)
  • Sequential time concepts: earlier…now / first…then / now…next
  • Learning left and right
  • Answering ‘Why?’ questions with ‘Because…’
  • Recognising and understanding basic emotions in yourself and others
  • Recognising basic personality traits in yourself and others
  • Recognising and accepting that different individuals have different preferences/quirks/likes and dislikes
  • Understanding that the things that make us different are the things that make us interesting
  • Basic theory of mind – recognising that actions/events have consequences (‘I am sad because…’)
  • Strengthening auditory memory by asking questions about particular characters in the story at the end


About The Bear Buddies series

With a deaf central character, who wears cochlear implants, The Bear Buddies learning adventure stories were originally conceived to support deaf children learning to listen and speak but are equally suited to all children aged 3 to 6 years old. Focused on the transitional period when their world expands beyond the home to a school environment and other social settings, these charming, simple stories about a group of young friends navigating familiar childhood scenarios help children to learn and practice early social language, playground etiquette, self-advocacy and other skills that they will need in order to thrive at school, in the playground and on playdates in each other’s houses. Key themes include the importance of inclusivity, acceptance, diversity, kindness and friendships.


Book Details: Softcover. 40 pages. For ages 3-6.

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