Earplugs to Demonstrate Unilateral/Mild Hearing Loss

$6.75 + S/H   

Experience is a better teacher than verbal description. Hearing loss is invisible. Often children with hearing loss in only one ear or who have a “mild” (26 – 40 dB HL) degree of hearing loss will respond in close, quiet listening situations. It can be hard to believe that there is any listening problem at all! Supporting Success provides earplugs at low cost to professionals to make it easy to have earplugs readily available when you are discussing the impact of hearing loss.

Comes in a pack that includes 15-pair of wrapped earplugs. Each in the 2-per-pack is a different color so mom and dad can each have an earplug to experience hearing loss!  Hearing loss experienced is about 30 dB HL.

15 Pair of Earplugs   $6.75 + S/H  


Describing the Impact of Hearing Loss to Parents and Teachers

unilateral hearing loss chart        Hearing Loss in One Ear

26-40 dB (“mild” hearing loss) chart     Mild Hearing Loss


Developing Child with UHL

Achieving Effective HA Use

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