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Turn Away from Teasing


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Teasing can be embarrassing or upsetting. Kids need supportive advice for dealing with teasing—or for knowing when they should stop teasing someone else. This book provides situations describing teasing and appropriate responses. It would be best used as a reference when teasing or bullying situations arise with a child, rather than as a story to read through.

Turn Away from Teasing gently acknowledges how it feels to be teased and provides practical tools to help kids, such as:

  • Say you don’t like being teased and tell the person teasing you to stop
  • Stand up for yourself if the teasing doesn’t stop
  • Practice what you will say so the words come easily to you

Children will learn how to talk about being teased with a trusted adult and when to get help. Included is an explanation about when teasing turns to bullying, what children can do when they see someone being teased or bullied, and what to do when they realize they tease others.

At the back of the book, kids will find a special section with additional ideas and activities for dealing with teasing. Also included is a note to adults with advice on helping children understand and use the tools and methods from the book.

Reading level Grade 3
Interest level Ages 6-9
32 pages