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Early Social Behavior Books: Can You Stand Up for Yourself?


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Children with hearing loss are targets for teasing by peers. For a healthy self-concept, they need to learn to anticipate that they WILL be teased or bullied and provided strategies for WHAT to do WHEN this happens. Teasing often begins by age 4 and can be an early contributor to students feeling socially isolated and/or resisting hearing device use. This short, engaging book is perfect for teachers and parents to use in helping develop children’s resilience to teasing.

Children learn what bullying is and why it’s important to stand up for themselves. The fun, repetitive format and charming illustrations generate enthusiasm.

The questions posed on every page engage youngsters to respond and, in the process, the children learn how to stand up to harassment and bullying.

Can You Stand Up for Yourself? includes teaching suggestions, lesson tips, and follow-up activities.

An introduction page for the child defines the target social skill, cites some relevant examples of the positive behavior, and gives an overview of why the skill is important.

14, 8 ½” x 11″ coated pages, with instructions and suggested follow-up activities. (©2005)

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