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Signing FUN


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American Sign Language Vocabulary,
Phrases, Games & Activities

Signing Fun: American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games, and Activities is a great book for age 11 and up.

Signing is visual, easy to learn, and fun to use. Author Penny Warner offers 441 useful signs on a variety of favorite topics: activities, animals, fashion, food, holidays, home, outdoors, parties, people, places, play, emotions, school, shopping, travel, plus extra fun signs for especially popular words.

Each chapter includes practice sentences using everyday phrases to help new signers learn in a fun way.

Signing Fun provides dozens of entertaining games and activities, too, such as:

Alphabet Sign

Finger Fun Gesture Guess

Match Signs

Mime and Sign


Picture Hand

Secret Sign


Signo Bingo

Snap and Sign

Truth or Sign.


It also features a list of tips on how to sign, including how to fingerspell, use numbers, and communicate with deaf people.

Whimsical drawings clearly illustrate all of the signs, and a full index lists all of their English meanings for quick reference. Signing Fun is a terrific first book for learning sign while having a great time.

Penny Warner is a child development instructor and author of more than 40 books in Danville, CA.

192 pages, 952 illustrations, index.

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