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No Dad, It Does Not Involve a Hippopotamus!


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Encouragement and information for families who have just found out their child has hearing loss, or who are well into trying to support them as they experience life challenges.
Hippopotamus includes important reflections and perspectives that are of benefit to all professionals who work with children with hearing loss.

Written by a dad of a child who is deaf and has multiple disabilities, the book talks about the joys, hopes, dreams, concerns, and issues of raising a child with special needs.
The author talks about his and his family’s life, and how his son’s special needs have changed – often for the positive – their lives.

The book is organized by topics, and is written as a series of articles and short stories that explain these topics and their impact on the family, in an often uplifting and poignant way as the child moves from childhood to adulthood.

Topics include a number of different issues including areas such as being the parent of a child with special needs, perseverance, hope, travel, school, as well as many others.

The author approaches these topics from a unique perspective. Besides being a parent of a child with special needs, he is also the training coordinator for parents and families for a statewide project and works with families, and educational professionals across the state of Florida.

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