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El Deafo


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Written by an individual that experienced the challenges of being a ‘one and only’ in her school with an FM system. This book is fun and funny, heartwarming and encouraging. It is great for parents to share with their child with hearing loss and for teachers to use as a basis of self-concept, social communication, self-advocacy and other teaching activities.

Going to school and making new friends can be tough. But going to school and making new friends while wearing a bulky hearing aid strapped to your chest? That requires superpowers! In this funny, poignant graphic novel memoir, author/illustrator Cece Bell chronicles her hearing loss at a young age and her subsequent experiences with the Phonic Ear, a very powerful—and very awkward—hearing aid.

El Deafo Book Trailer

The Phonic Ear gives Cece the ability to hear—sometimes things she shouldn’t—but also isolates her from her classmates. She really just wants to fit in and find a true friend, someone who appreciates her as she is. After some trouble, she is finally able to harness the power of the Phonic Ear and become “El Deafo, Listener for All.” And more importantly, declare a place for herself in the world and find the friend she’s longed for.

Description of El Deafo by Author Cece Bell

“This warmly and humorously illustrated full-color graphic novel set in the suburban ‘70s has all the gripping characters and inflated melodrama of late childhood: a crush on a neighborhood boy, the bossy friend, the too-sensitive-to-her-Deafness friend, and the perfect friend, scared away.”
— Sara Lissa Paulson, The American Sign Language and English Lower School, New York City, School Library Journal

“This memoir is thus exceptionally informative and entertaining in relation to some aspects of deaf communication, but, most centrally and powerfully, it is exceptional for its perceptive, indomitable protagonist and complex story of friendship, growth, and classroom and family dynamics.”
— Deirdre F. Baker, The Horn Book Magazine

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