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myASLTech Small Group: 3 – 19 People Memberships



NOTICE: New accounts are set up manually. Expect up to 24 hours before you receive an email with login information so you can start to access the myASLTech.com program.

Have you been looking for a quick, efficient way to support your deaf students’ access to your school’s curriculum and other educational content? Or, have you been looking for a tool to create something for work or yourself incorporating ASL?

myASLTech.com is a website that enables you to create customized instructional materials with professional ASL graphics and videos in just minutes.

myASLTech.com is a one-of-a-kind website that has a dictionary with tens of thousands of printable ASL graphics and videos, including definitions so you can create wonderful instructional materials. With the software on this website, you can build fingerspelling scrambles, matching games, crossword puzzles, and much more in a matter of seconds, automatically generate text with ASL supports, build quizzes with ASL graphics and videos, find signs according to handshapes and movements, play games, and read stories with ASL video translations.

When you become a myASLTech member, not only can you save your creations on your desktop and print them, but you also automatically get “banks” into which you can save your products (e.g., quizzes, questions, posters, worksheets) on our cloud-hosted server. By linking your banks with other members you designate (anywhere in the world), you can share products with each other!

Want to find out more? View the YouTube video!

Individual 1- Month Membership 1-Person $14.00

Individual 6- Month Membership 1-Person $78.00

Individual 12- Month Membership 1-Person $144.00

Group membership information below.


The 9 assistive technology tools include:

myASL Dictionary: View sign graphics and video clips, conceptual graphics, and English and ASL definitions by inputting English text. You can print any of the graphics!

mySign Generator: Translate English words, phrases, symbols, and idioms into ASL graphics and video clips in real time. Just right-click to make selections for multiple sign words, hide sign graphics, or fingerspell. Type or paste any amount of text! You can save and print the graphics and play video clips of the sign sequence.

myConcept Generator: Automatically support English words, phrases, symbols, and idioms with concept graphics. Just right-click to hide concept graphic supports for individual words. Save and print!

myASL Games: Play a variety of interactive learning games that can be used to reinforce sign language learning or just have fun. With many of games, you can play by category or with the entire myASL Tech lexicon. Check out Signing Science for Kids, a learning module about weather phenomena.

myASL Publisher: Create instructional materials (e.g., posters, flash cards) using ASL and concept graphic clip art. You can draw, make shapes, and import your own graphics too. Save and print!

myASL Templates: Create templates that automatically generate customizable, printable worksheets (e.g., fingerspelling scrambles, crossword puzzles, word finds).

myASL Quizmaker: Create quizzes using six question templates with automatic sign graphic and video support. Have students take published quizzes online within prescribed constraints (e.g., due date, length of time). Score the quizzes and send results back to the students. Generate statistical reports on student performance and quiz results.

myASL Thesaurus: Identify signs by inputting descriptors (i.e., hand shapes, locations, movements, and palm orientations). View the resulting sign graphics and videos, corresponding English words, concept graphics, and ASL and English definitions in an expanding lexicon of root words.

myASL Stories: Enjoy original, beautifully illustrated stories with ASL translations suitable for young children.


Interested in myASLTech.com for your group?


Small Group: 3-19 people $13.00 per member

Large Group: 20+ people $12.00 per member


Small Group: 3-19 people $72.00 per member

Large Group: 20+ people $66.00 per member


Small Group: 3-19 people $132.00 per member

Large Group: 20+ people $120.00 per member

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