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Most parents and family members of children with hearing loss never expected that their child would be hard of hearing or deaf. You may have many questions.

 Just when you feel like you understand how to help your child, he or she grows into new challenges or needs and you may have more questions.

Select the age of your child and you will be directed to those resources.

Infants and Toddlers

School-Age Children

‘I am the mother of a 4.5 year old little girl who listens with bi-lateral cochlear implants. She has had a very positive experience in her mainstream school setting, but the tools on your site are easy to use and understand and will help me to effectively communicate her needs with teachers unfamiliar with having a deaf child in the classroom. I am also a clinical social worker on a cochlear implant team. While not new to medical social work, I have not worked with this population, professionally, prior to this job. The more I learn, the better able I will be to support the families with whom I work. I will suggest these resources to some of our parents. Thank you.’


Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss (select the link above to be directed to these questions)

  • What does it mean to have a baby with hearing loss? Baby with hearing loss
  • Why can’t we just wait awhile? We JUST found out!
  • What should I be doing to help my baby? 
  • Are hearing aids really needed? How much will they help? 
  • What do people mean by Communication Choices? What do we need to decide?
  • What’s the big deal about unilateral hearing loss (hearing loss in only one ear)?
  •  Will having ear infections impact learning?

School-Aged Children with Hearing Loss (select the link above to be directed to these questions)

  • What are the possible effects the hearing loss can cause at school?
  • How can my child learn to be responsible for his hearing deviKids in group learningces? What should I expect, when? 
  • What information can I share with the school as my child starts a new school year or in a new school? 
  • Will having many ear infections impact my child’s learning?
  • As my child with hearing loss has gotten older, he doesn’t want to wear his hearing aids. Why? What can I do? 
  • Can hearing loss be caused by noise? Is this a big deal? 

Speaking with other parents of children with hearing loss can provide you with strong support and real-life information as you seek ways to support your child.

If you have not received parent-to-parent support yet, or if you haven’t experienced parent connections in awhile, I strongly recommend that you connect with www.handsandvoices.org. Hands and Voices also has many resources for parents and can connect you with other parents in your state or local area who have probably had the same questions that you are asking right now! As your child grows and encounters different challenges, your contact with parents who have been beside their children facing the same challenges may provide just the help you need.

Karen Anderson, Director

All Resources for Parents

Feel free to look at the Professional Resources section too for more information!

Resources for Parents