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Auditory Skill Development Products

 Offered by Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

Click on an item to be redirected to a page describing this product. After clicking Add to Cart you can Continue Shopping. If you have any questions go to the Contact Us page.

spotlight-on-listening-comprehension-set Auditory Processing Cards TAPS-3
Spotlight on Listening Comprehension
4 book set aligns with Listening Comprehension Test subtest areas. Or Buy Separately!
$53.00  set,   $13.75 individually
Auditory Skill Development Cards for Classroom Listening
(No-Glamour Auditory Processing Cards)
Test of Auditory Processing Skills
Test of auditory memory and how  the student processes what is heard.
CAST Compass test all DTAP
CAST – Contrasts for Auditory and Speech Training
picture/sound cards with pretest/post-test
Compass Test of Auditory Discrimination
 printed cards for your convenience; also available free for download
Developmental Test of Auditory Perception (DTAP)
 norm-referenced, ages 6 – 18.11 years
Tests of Listening Comprehension Look Who's Listening Game PAT2 test
Listening Comprehension Test 2     Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent
$155.00 each
Look Who’s Listening Game
Phonological Awareness Test 2 a reflection of precision listening
  Happily Ever After – Using Storybooks in the Preschool Setting Applicable to a whole preschool classroom, working 1:1, team teaching or push-in models of support     $ 33.00    NEW!


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