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Assessment Products

Offered by Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

Click on an item to be redirected to a page describing this product. After clicking Add to Cart you can Continue Shopping.  If you have a question go to Contact Us.

Steps to Assessment cover Documenting Skills for Success Recorded FLE Logo
Steps to Assessment:  Guide to Identifying Educational Needs for Students with Hearing Loss     

$50 or 5 copies to one address $212

Documenting Skills for Success: Data-Gathering Resources   Supplement to Building Skills for Success in Fast-Paced Classroom    $49 individual  $175 all in district FLE Recorded Functional Listening Evaluation Using Sentences  Audio files + forms

$20 CD     $18 Digital Download

 Listening Comprehension Test 2  Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent
Test of Preschool Early Literacy (TOPEL)  (ages 3 through 5)
$215.00   NEW!
Listening Comprehension Test 2 (ages 6-11) 


Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent (ages 12-17) 


 PAT2 test  TAPS-3  SLDT test social language
 Phonological Awareness Test (PAT-2) 


TAPS-3  Test of Auditory Processing Skills Test auditory memory and how the student processes what he/she hears.


Social Language Development Test (SDLT) –  for ages 6.0-11.11 years


 plsi  DTAP  SCRIPT DVD Cover
Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI) Teacher checklist (5-10 min) to identify pragmatic language issues.
$100.00  NEW!
Developmental Test of Auditory Perception (DTAP) – norm-referenced, age 6 – 18 years


 SCRIPT – Student Communication Repair Inventory & Practical Training  Inventory your student’s communication repair skills. Manual + DVD.    $46.00
SEAM – Social-Emotional Assessment/Evaluation Measure For infants through Preschool, Eng/Span on CD



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