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ask-and-answer-social-skills-game language-strategies-books happily-ever-after
Ask and Answer Social Skills Games – Improve social skills and pragmatic language NEW FOR 2017!




Language Strategies Set of 3 Books + CDs – Also sold separately.  Set is $78.00
Little Ones  K-1  $28.00
Children  2-5  $28.00  NEW!
Older Students  5-8  $26.00
Happily Ever After – Using Storybooks in the Preschool Setting Applicable to a whole preschool classroom, working 1:1, team teaching or push-in models of support.  NEW!



Grammar Code 100 percent Curric Vocab 500 Prefixes, Suffixes and Stems Super Fun Deck
Cracking the Grammar Code   DVD containing over 600 pages of material for 1 year curriculum


100% Curriculum Vocabulary   2 Book Set Primary & Secondary


$84.00 Set

500 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems: Super Fun Deck ON SALE!




Listening for Vocab All Year 'Round HELP for Auditory Processing Im the Boss coverBoss of My Hearing Loss
Listening for Vocabulary All Year ‘Round



Help for Auditory Processing (Auditory Learners)



Literacy Booster – I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss  Booster CD or Book + CD



spotlight-on-listening-comprehension-set Idioms workbook spotlight-on-fig-lang-4-book-set-1
Spotlight on Listening Comprehension – 4 Book Set – Details, Making Inferences, Reasoning/Problem Solving, Story Comprehension     $53.00
or buy individually for $13.75 each
Idioms Workbook includes downloadable pre/post test checklists


Spotlight on Figurative Language – 4 Book Set – Idioms, Indirect Language, Metaphors, Multiple Meanings    $53.00
or buy individually for $13.75 each
 Steps to Success front cover Promoting Lang & Lit book Oliver Gets FMOliver HAs CD
Steps to Success: Scope and Sequence of Skills for D/HH Students 




Promoting Language & Literacy in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing     Especially good for Birth – Age 5!


Literacy Boosters – Oliver Gets Hearing Aids & Oliver Gets FM

Digital only (not CD).
All files for only $10
Includes book files

TT CD 2014-2015
plsi  TT CD 2015-2016
Teacher Tools CD –  Instructional Materials from 2014-2015 




Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI) Teacher checklist (5-10 min) to identify pragmatic language issues.
NEW for 2017!$100.00
Teacher Tools CD –  Instructional Materials from 2015-2016 




Webcast box logo  Webcast box logo Webcast box logo
Webcast Session (1 hour):

Visualizing Vocabulary: Improving Word Association & Retrieval Skills

5 LOGINS for $90.00

 Webcast Session (1 hour):

Literacy Support: Improving Decoding, Comprehension & Fluency Skills

5 LOGINS for $90.00

Webcast Session (1 hour):

Social Communication and Belonging in the Classroom



5 LOGINS for $90.00



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