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Why StreamerTM?  StreamerTM is different.  Most speech recognition offerings utilize similar underlying speech processing software, but that is where the similarities end.  Various speech-to-text products are created for a specific purpose – and it is important to know that purpose.  The origin of StreamerTM is with the U.S. Marine Corps and is designed to remove multiple communication barriers.  Streamer provides a robust suite of features to allow users to do more with the technology.  Take a closer look below.
StreamerTM is Feature Rich and is a Leader in Accuracy

Captioning – it all starts here

  • Two-way Captioning Accuracy – Streamer uses both forward and reverse looking contextual mapping to improve accuracy.
  • Noise Filtering – Streamer cuts through background noise to listen to your speech.
  • Continuous Recognition in Complete Paragraphs – versus separate segmented sentence fragments, which makes captioning much easier to follow and read.
  • Unlimited Use Captioning in Multiple Languages – There are no per-minute charges or usage caps. Use your Streamer website anytime, anywhere without limits.
  • Simultaneous Captioning of Multiple Speakers – With Streamer there is no need to take turns talking. Whatever anyone says at any time is captioned.
  • Automatic Speaker Identification – Streamer can identify who is speaking at any given moment, displaying both their username and a picture of the person.
  • Automated Complete Punctuation – This is complete contextual-based deep learning punctuation that is based on a neural net, not a simple rule set.
  • Family Friendly Filters – Filter out inappropriate language.
  • Unlimited Font Size adjustment – Set your font to basically whatever you want, very small to extremely large.
  • Selectable Display Colors – For example, choose yellow text on a dark blue background.
  • Day / Night Color Layouts – Streamer includes color layouts optimized for your ambient setting.
  • Attendance List – Streamer shows you a listing of people that are in your captioning room: their name, a picture of them, the language they are using, and their status.

Language Translation – Not just bi-directional translation

  • Complete Multi-lingual, Multi-directional Support of Conversations – Translate conversations from one language into dozens of others. This goes beyond simple bi-lingual translation to support complete “United Nations” situations. Anything said in any language is simultaneously translated and spoken aloud to each participant in their native language using a voice tailored to that of the original speaker.
  • Complete Voice-to-Voice Translation – Anything said, typed or written is captioned and, if desired, spoken aloud in each person’s preferred language.
  • Personalized Voices – Your preferred voice is used in all languages. This makes it much easier for participants in multi-lingual conversations to recognize the voice of who is speaking.
  • Saved User Accounts – With Streamer, you do not have to reset your language(s) each time you use the system.

Note-Taking – More than just a captioning and translation system

  • Add Personal Notes to Your Transcript – You can quickly add private color-coded notes directly into the transcript, tagging important sections as the captioning is generated.
  • Create Note Categories – Each User Account comes standard with default note categories. You can create your own categories and customized notes.
  • Quick Note Entry – Just double click on a note and it’s automatically inserted into your transcript while listening to the conversation.
  • Editable Notes – With Streamer’s PhraseBuilderTM feature you can create editable notes, which makes it easy to quickly modify a note and insert it into your transcript.
Runs on any Device or Platform
Streamer™ runs on pretty much everything including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Because it is web-based, your account works the same on every device and automatically scales to meet your needs. Use a laptop at work, a phone when you’re on the go, and share your subscription with as many other people as you want. There are no limits.
Streamer is Secure
Unlike captioning products from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, with Streamer™ all your data is yours alone. Auditory Sciences does not make any recordings of your conversations, we never have, we never will. The software was initially developed in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps and Office of Naval Research to support overseas military operations and then to support the Wounded Warriors program. As such, security and privacy have been built into the system from the beginning. All data is fully encrypted in all directions, and you alone control all access and usage settings for Streamer™ rooms.
StreamerTM is Free to Try
A 30-day trial is completely free, no credit card required. This is a complete unlimited use system with no restrictions. Just click on the Get Started buttons to sign up. After your trial is complete you can choose to continue using Streamer™ by paying a small subscription fee that goes towards funding our goal of letting everyone communicate with anyone at any time anywhere in the world.
Subscription Sharing is Encouraged
You are encouraged to share your subscription with as many people as you want – friends, co-workers, anyone and everyone without any limitations.