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SSCHL Conference Presentation Services

One of the purposes of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss is to provide Professional Development primarily to teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing.

The goal to expand understanding of the

  • typical adverse educational effects of hearing loss,
  • appropriate assessment to identify areas of need, &
  • instructional supports and services necessary for students with hearing loss to learn at a pace equal to their cognitive peers. The goal to expand understanding of the

Professional development is made available by Supporting Success via the Bi-monthly Updates, Professional Development Webcasts, biannual SSCHL Conference and by providing experienced and knowledgeable speakers at professional conference events

Presentations below are provided by Karen Anderson, PhD.

  1. Review the list of topics below.
  2. Read the descriptions and objectives of the topics that interest you.
  3. Refer to the Agreement Defining Speaking Engagement for fee information.
  4. Contact us if you are interested in arranging for a speaker for your conference.


Topic Length Level Presenter
Access is the Name of the Game: Obtaining Data to Get the Point Across 90-120 min Begin-Interm Anderson
Achieving Effective Hearing Aid Use in Early Childhood 75 min Beginning Anderson
Building Self-Advocacy Skills & Independence with Hearing Devices 75-90 min Begin-Interm Anderson
Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom 1 day Beginning Anderson
Communication Repair: Strategies for Assessment & Skill Building 60-75 min Beginning Anderson
Developing Independence with Hearing Devices 60-75 min Begin-Interm Anderson
Early Development of Social Communication & Self-Concept 60 min Beginning Anderson
Effective Transition: Preparing for a Smooth School Entry (age 3-5) 75-90 min Begin-Interm Anderson
Estimating Access to Communication in the Classroom 90-120 min Begin-Interm Anderson
Hearing: The Link to Language, Learning & Literacy (Keynote) 45-60 min Beginning Anderson
Let’s Hear it for Full Participation! Common Core Standards Based IEP Goals for Children with Hearing Loss 60 min Beginning Anderson
Pediatric Audiologist’s Role in Supporting Communication Access at School 75 min Beginning Anderson
Self-Advocacy: Assessment & Skill Building >60-90 min Beginning Anderson
Showing the Need, Making the Case, Demonstrating Your Unique Expertise (Keynote or session) 60-75 min Beginning Anderson
Social Communication & Belonging in the Classroom 75-90 min Begin-Interm Anderson
Steps to Assessment: Identifying Educational Needs – Introduction 3 hours Beginning Anderson or Price
Steps to Assessment: Identifying Educational Needs Workshop 2 days Intermediate Anderson & Price
Teacher Inservice: A First Step Toward Effective Collaboration 75 min Beginning Anderson
Unilateral & Mild Hearing Loss – True Barriers to Learning! 75 min Beginning Anderson
We are Zebra Experts! Recognizing the Needs of Zebras in a World of Horses 60-75 min Intermediate Anderson
Why Do Teens Reject Hearing Devices? What Can We Do? 75 min Intermediate Anderson
Working with Families of Young Children with Unilateral or Mild Hearing Loss 1 day Beginning Anderson