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Need assistance getting started?

If you have questions about how Streamer works, how Streamer might work in your situation, what to purchase, how to order, or just need a written price quote, contact Mike Massine, Streamer Customer Advocate.  He’s here to help you research this accommodation.

Already using Streamer and need assistance with an issue?

StreamerTM is developed and supported by Auditory Sciences

Most questions can be answered by reviewing the topic links on the School Support webpage, which includes the Quick Start Guide and the onboarding emails.

The fastest and easiest way to obtain support for Streamer is simply to type @streamer-admin message into the command bar at the bottom of the screen, where message is the note you want to send to us. Auditory Sciences will immediately get that message and respond right away. 

Email:  support@auditorysciences.com

Phone:  507-647-8924  (Central Time)