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Visit our website at successforkidswithhearingloss.com

Supporting Success is a ‘go-to’ sitefor individuals seeking more information about hearing loss and what they can do to better support the future success of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Supporting Success provides information and resources to help professionals and non-professionals alike to better understand the unique learning, communication and social needs of these children and teens.

Extensive, accessible website
information for parents & pros

How we help improve children’s futures:


Extensive, accessible website information for professionals working with children with hearing loss and families

Topical Bimonthly Updates

Practical newsletters twice a month with topical
information relevant to
student success

Carefully Selected Products

Selected to meet the unique learning needs of students with hearing loss and their teachers!

Professional Academy

Professional development selections for educators via The Online Itinerant monthly Meet-Ups, web-casts and community

Teacher Tools E-Magazine

Packed with materials! Members have access to an extensive resource library and Kool Kidz Vidz

Teacher Tools Takeout

Hundreds of instruction  al materials and informational articles to support student success – for free or for sale