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Social Skills / Pragmatic Skill Development Products

Offered by Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

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plsi SEAM Soc-Emot Assmt Eval Measure
Social Language Development Test (SDLT) – for ages 6.0-11.11 years 


Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI) Teacher checklist (5-10 min) to identify pragmatic language issues. 


Social-Emotional Assessment/Evaluation Measure (SEAM) materials on CD for ages 2-66 months 


What's Up Game ask-and-answer-social-skills-game Theory of Mind book
What’s Up? Social Language Game (grades 7-11) 


Ask and Answer Social Skills Games – Improve social skills and pragmatic language   $42.00
NEW FOR 2017! 
 Teaching the Basics of Theory of Mind  Develop pragmatic language and perspective skills to improve social interaction.
Social Skills Workbook PLOS
Social Skills Workbook:  Exercises to Improve Social Skills 


Pragmatic Language Observation Scale (PLOS)  Teacher checklist to rate pragmatics skills of children 8-17 years.
Manual + 20 Forms  $55.00
Forms (50) only $34.00