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Revised and Expanded!!! Steps for Success: Scope & Sequence of Skills $55.00 + S/H  Steps to Success  is newly revised and an even more awesome resource than the first edition! It is a ‘must have’ for all new teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing and a ‘where have you been all my years of teaching’ resource for veteran teachers. Stretching from the students with the greatest needs to those who ‘look okay’ but have insidious challenges, the scope and sequence of the instructional goals from basic through advances can be immediately applied to any student with hearing loss. Karen Anderson, Director Revised and Expanded  Steps to Success:   A Scope and Sequence of Skills for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Perception, Processing, Self-Knowledge, and Advocacy Development Steps to Success Revised and Expanded is an instructional model for students who are deaf or hard of hearing in grades kindergarten through 12. It is designed to develop skills that will enable a student to be an effective listener, a successful communicator, a proficient reader, and a knowledgeable consumer of goods & services related to hearing needs. New and expanded! Designed to be an add on to the original or as a complete packet as is. • Assessments for each level • Professional development activities • Components for both auditory and visual learners Shrink wrapped – you provide your OWN 3 ring notebook and add YOUR existing resources to the many resources already included.  Steps to Success Revised and Expanded supports Common Core Standards as an expanded core program. It works well as a stand-alone habilitation program or a collaborative rehabilitation tool when used in conjunction with a language curriculum, content vocabulary instruction, and an auditory skills development program. Steps to Success Revised and Expanded includes: Components of Steps to Success
  • Scope and sequence for 8 goal areas
  • Each goal is divided into strands of instruction
  • Each strand has activities for each level of instruction
Format The scope moves through 3 levels of instruction. Each level is designed for a specific level of learning: BASIC – knowledge including vocabulary, language, and facts, INTERMEDIATE – comprehension including sequential memory, patterns, and analysis, and ADVANCED – application including evaluation, judgement, and use in new ways. The intent is to begin at the basic level and move on to higher levels as skills are mastered. Concepts & skills in upper levels build on previous levels. Sequence of the 8 Goal Areas 1. Perception – It answers the question, “What is my perception?” It explains the science of hearing, hearing acuity, and how it impacts life. It develops an understanding of one’s uniqueness and the use technology. 2. Processing It answers the question, “What do I understand?” It shows how to improve language skills. 3. Self-knowledge It answers the question, “How do I fit into the world?” It develops an awareness of self and identity formation along with social skills and language. 4. Advocacy – It answers the question, “What do I do now?” It helps with analyzing situations and choosing accommodations that support listening and communication. It looks at rights and the process of accessing support. Comes as a shrink wrapped packet of 250 pages including: NEW strategies, NEW activities, and NEW assessments for each goal, strand, and activity. Designed to be an add on to the original or as a complete packet as is.

About the Author: 

Lynne H. Price is a twice National Board certified teacher with 37 years of teaching experience. She is certified in the areas of Deaf & Hard of Hearing, K – 12 Regular Education, and Reading. She is fluent in sign language and cued speech and is trained in listening and spoken language skills (LSLS). Her work experience includes both residential and public school settings, teaching students in preschool through high school, in center-based, consultative and itinerant service models. In addition to teaching, she has served as an administrator for hearing-impaired services in the 16th largest public school system in the nation, mentored staff, and developed programming and curriculum. She has presented regional and national workshops on a broad range of topics related to educating children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Lynne is also a member of the NC task force for the National Agenda for Achieving Educational Equality for D/HH students.

Comments on the newly revised Steps to Success:

In looking over the revised Steps to Success, I like that there are more examples available, and the assessments seem more relevant. I like how she breaks it down into exactly what the students should know at each level. I did a lot of searching for materials with the older version (of course, the guidelines were there) so it just seems like it will be easier to use right out of the gate. I look forward to seeing the new version when available. Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Virginia Comments on the original Steps to Success
  • “Very applicable for teachers of all ages with ready to use activities and materials.”
  • “The binder & the CD are awesome. The explanation of the listening skills and the reason why our kids need the practice was wonderful! You have completed what most of us wish we had time to do! Thanks for all your hard work.”
  • “I love the resource binder/curriculum along with the CD. An awesome resource that I wish I had had as a Resource teacher and now as an itinerant.”
  • “The materials are extremely useful and can be immediately implemented. Well organized.”
  • “This is a guide I wish I had had my first year as a DHH itinerant teacher. It is jammed packed with materials to support goals in an organized and practical way. Steps to Success is now my new bible out in the field.”
  • “I’ve been using Building Skills for Success and love the materials but it is rather overwhelming. When I came across Steps for Success it was like a whole new window into how to implement what was in Building Skills. The two work together, hand in glove, and provide a clear road map of what I need to be doing with my students on a daily basis.”
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