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SPICE for Life Auditory Learning Curriculum


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This product is undergoing revision and will not be available until 2022


When we consider the whole population of children who have hearing loss, most have residual hearing and will eventually function as hard of hearing, and not deaf/Deaf. Unlike students with typical hearing, the hierarchy of auditory skills is not learned effortlessly with early experience. Most typically hearing children have great expertise in listening by the age of 48 months whereas most students with hearing loss require direct teaching and continuous, planful exposure to develop specific listening abilities. There just is no peer for the CID SPICE Kit!  I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with the professionals at the Central Institute for the Deaf to make this much-needed and irreplaceable assessment and curriculum available through Supporting Success! EVERY DHH program needs the SPICE and SPICE for Life!  Karen Anderson, Director

SPICE for Life Auditory Curriculum

The curriculum includes an extensive manual, resources book, sounds and resources CDs, listening scenes, picture cards, rating forms, game board, spinner, tokens and pawns.

CID SPICE for Life is an auditory learning curriculum designed to help individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing overcome real life listening challenges. SPICE for Life focuses on functional auditory development. It includes practice with auditory memory, listening in noisy settings, listening to music, localizing sounds, listening to voices, listening in conversation, listening on the telephone and more. This kit is designed to be used with children age 5 and older.

SPICE for Life contains activities for structured lessons, suggestions for practicing skills in a classroom or therapy session and pages to encourage parents to practice skills at home. SPICE for Life can be used to help children develop auditory skills even if they have low language skills. This long-awaited teaching tool was developed with the latest research, piloted in CID classrooms and developed with the aid of the multidisciplinary staff at CID.

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