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SPICE for Life Auditory Learning Curriculum


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CID SPICE for Life 2 is an auditory learning curriculum designed for students who have developed foundational auditory skills, such as those covered in the CID SPICE, and are now ready to work on carrying over these skills to real-world listening conditions.

This new edition of the SPICE for Life includes those skills covered in the first edition:

  • Improving auditory memory
  • Listening to music
  • Listening in noise
  • Identifying environmental sounds
  • Participating in conversation
  • Listening to voices and
  • Listening with technology


PLUS. . . 

  • A new chapter devoted to auditory comprehension, encouraging students to move beyond memorization toward understanding
  • Added goals within the conversation, voices and technology sections
  • Digital access to sounds


The SPICE for Life 2 kit includes:

  • A manual with research supporting each goal, as well as activities to support their development
  • A color resource book with student worksheets, games and practice pages for home use
  • A pad of rating forms
  • Picture cards
  • Listening scenes
  • Multi-purpose game board


NEW to the SPICE for Life 2 is a weblink containing sounds to practice a variety of skills covered in the curriculum. This weblink can be accessed on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer for convenience.

A downloadable copy of the resource book with digital pdf files is also included with your purchase for easy-to-print teaching materials and parent handouts.

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