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Monkey Talk Self-Advocacy Game



We think it is incredibly important to support student’s growth in self-advocacy skills. When we came across Monkey Talk we were thrilled. It’s fun for students as they work to identify causes of communication breakdown, strategies to address the breakdowns and, if that wasn’t enough, it also provides practice on multiple meaning words and idioms! Good by itself or great to add to your self-advocacy game choices. Learning self-advocacy skills can be fun!


Monkey Talk Game focuses on communication challenges

Students move around the board. When they land on green, they turn over a communication challenge. They then identify if the challenge is caused by a speaker, listener or environmental factor.

Finally they choose a solution to the challenge. The other squares require them to define an idiom (50+ cards) or a multiple meaning word (100+ cards). Included are data collection tools as well as IEP goal suggestions. Goals are aligned with Common Core Standards.

Note: In purchasing a downloadable version of this game you are agreeing to abide by the terms of a limited use license, meaning it is only for use by you with your caseload. It is not legal to share downloaded files for others to use.

Monkeys live in small groups and rely on each other. They have a lot of fun bouncing around on trees and swinging from branch to branch, but they also communicate with one another. They let the other monkeys know what they want and need. They have to cooperate together as a group to thrive in the wild. The Monkey Talk game teaches children with hearing loss the skills they need to let others know what they need to be able to hear and communicate their best. Although it may not be as fun as swinging through the trees, learning Monkey Talk skills will help children communicate more effectively – so more fun, more friends and more success!!!!

Digital version for up to 8 individuals $60.00

Please note: the Digital version of this game provides files to print your own game; it is not an app

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