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Make a Friend, Be a Friend


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Written by Eric Braun

Illustrated by Steve Mark


Life is better with a friend. That’s true for everyone. Some kids have lots of friends. Others have a few. Either way is great! Make a Friend, Be a Friend helps young readers find ways to—you guessed it!—make friends and be a better friend.

That doesn’t mean making and being friends is a snap. Even though it’s natural, it doesn’t always feel that way. The ideas in this book can help. Children learn:

  • how to find and make friends
  • ways to show you want to be a friend
  • how to be a good friend
  • what to do when times get tough

A special feature, What Would You Do? A Story Starring YOU, invites readers to practice making friends and solving friendship problems. Includes a glossary of terms at the back of the book to equip and empower children with the vocabulary they need.


Book Details: Softcover Chapter Book. 88 pages. For ages 6-9.

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