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Library Builder Subscription in the Takeout Marketplace



Takeout subscriptions start August 1st for anyone purchasing in May-July, 2021.

Professionals working with children with hearing loss are constantly on the prowl for information, resources, materials, and courses that specifically address their teaching and learning needs. Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss has gathered all of these in one marketplace for you to access when and where you choose.

Individuals or groups can access a Library Builder Subscription. The Library Builder Subscription provides you with $350 of buying power for any Takeout items of your choice for only $289, plus you have full access to the extensive Teacher Tools Library and our Kool Kidz Vidz to share with your students. When buying items from Takeout you can choose to use your download credits or pay with a credit card. More than one person using the Teamwork subscription? Awesome! Build your team library! Organize all of your items in folders within My Files so you can readily download them at any time.

Subscriptions last for 12 months. Items will remain in the My Files folder associated your login information regardless of whether your account is free or a paid subscription.