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Hearing Aid Test Kit


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Parents and professionals of children who wear hearing aids need a reliable way to test, maintain, and troubleshoot these devices.  We have put together a kit for you that includes all the tools you need to test and manage your child’s device to help ensure optimum performance and maximum access. Those hearing aids are expensive! And you need a way to make sure they are working properly.  Properly fit and working hearing aids can also help your child tolerate the devices for longer without complaint. Along with the items in the bag, you will receive a set of sturdy cards with tips and a QR code with a VIDEO, showing you what each piece of the kit is for and how to use it.

Your kit contains:

  • Battery checker
  • Stethoset
  • Blower tool
  • All-in-one tool
  • Hearing aid dryer
  • 6, 3” x 5” glossy cards held by a ring, with instructions and QR codes to how-to videos
  • 7 “ x 9 ¾ “ x 3” clear bag

All contents fit inside the bag for easy storage and portability.


Purchase yours today!

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