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deaf not Deaf


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Written by Christian Fusco


Rian is starting her sixth grade year in a new home and at a new school in Northeast Philadelphia. On her first day, she is greeted by Shack, the class bully, who wastes no time breaking one of her cochlear implants. She’s used to feeling like an outsider, but nothing could prepare her for life at John Hancock Elementary. Her teachers can’t pronounce her name, the “normal” kids think she’s Deaf and the Deaf kids think she’s a joke, especially Luis Rodriguez, a Deaf boy who uses American Sign Language to communicate with his small circle of family and friends.

deaf not Deaf is a story about an unlikely friendship between Rian and Luis, two sixth graders who understand deafness in very different ways. Drawn together by a common enemy, Rian, Luis and their small group of misfit friends hatch a ghoulish plan to get revenge on Shack once and for all…but will their idea be an epic success or will playing with the supernatural come back to haunt them in the end?


Target age:  13-15 years
Book Details: Paperback.  237 pages,   6 x 0.54 x 9”

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