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Cracking The Grammar Code-Set of Four Workbooks



Cracking the Grammar Code

Download Free: Cracking the Grammar Code: Syntax Skills Pretests and Sample Activities  

Test one or more students with the FREE criterion-referenced pretests and see how easy it is to identify learning gaps.  Then purchase one of the 4 downloadable books with the pinpointed instruction you need, or purchase them all together at reduced pricing. 

Only available from Supporting Success, Cracking the Grammar Code is an AMAZING resource that provides a year’s worth of focused learning materials.  It is divided into four downloadable books, a glossary, plus a FREE sample pretests and skills activity book. Cracking the Grammar Code is a comprehensive resource to help students master basic concepts for English grammar and writing. It contains easy to use activities regarding language rules for a school year.  These materials can be used by general education and special education teachers, including teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to emphasize grammar skills.

Cracking the Grammar Code is designed for use with students from upper elementary school through high school. Each key concept is taught predictably, alternating between two kinds of activities: teacher-directed and student application. Each pair of activities gets progressively more challenging and builds on previous knowledge to add consistency and practice as students work their way through each lesson.

Digital Workbooks Included:

(1) Nouns, Articles & Conjunctions (165 pgs) 

(2) Verbs (143 pgs)

(3) Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, & Prepositional Phrases (94 pages)

(4) Finding the Subject & Subject-Verb Agreement (141 pages)

NEW! Digital download now includes fillable PDF handouts.

Each book contains individual subject pretests and teaches concepts in incremental steps.

Books can be taught in any order depending on the students’ skill levels; however, for a complete years’ worth of lessons, present the books in the above order.

Add the companion Vocabulary Enhancement Glossary (128 pages) $20.00 digital

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