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Oticon Streaming Options

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Oticon Streamer Pro and ConnectLine  – wireless solutions for children who wear mini or custom instruments


The Streamer Pro

At the center of Oticon’s ConnectLine system, the Streamer Pro is the gateway to super-easy wireless connectivity. Streamer Pro is worn around the neck, and when the hearing instruments are connected to it, practically any audio source can be transmitted from Streamer Pro to both hearing instruments simultaneously. 

Oticon Streamer Pro + Receiver

Streamer Pro with a universal R2 Receiver enables these instrument users to access FM. By allowing universal FM receivers like the Amigo R2 to be attached to the Streamer Pro, the student can now experience the benefits of discreet instruments and FM, without the use of ear level receivers. The system adheres to FM guidelines and the improved signal-to-noise ratios give the child the best opportunity to listen and learn in the classroom environment.

 Streamer Pro’s built-in Euro pin connector offers compatibility with universal FM receivers. When using the Amigo FM system, we recommend the R2 universal FM receiver.

 Any Oticon ConnectLine-compatible hearing instrument can receive FM input via Streamer Pro, regardless of the instrument’s own FM compatibility.

 FM input is quickly accessed with the press of a button on Streamer Pro


Oticon Streamer ProOticon ConnectLine 

Oticon Mini BTE, Mini RITE and custom hearing instruments are not able to use ear level receivers as they do not accept an audio shoe or dedicated receiver; often they do not include a telecoil program which excludes using an FM telecoil neck loop. Oticon ConnectLine is an integrated wireless solution that works seamlessly with these non-FM compatible Oticon hearing instruments, as well as ConnectLine-compatible instrument families including Oticon Sensei. By streaming sound directly into the hearing instruments from various electronic devices, ConnectLine functions in the same way as a hands-free headset, letting children enjoy clear, two-way communication for improved sound quality. ConnectLine provides high fidelity, audibility and intelligibility and improves communication in noisy environments. In addition, ConnectLine capabilities include FM receiver input and teleloop access.

Click here for the Streamer + FM Quick Guide