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Hearing Loss is an Access Issue – Not a Disorder

Share the News with Zebra Decal and Stickers

Call attention to the access needs of students with hearing loss!  The decal is heavy plastic 5” diameter. Moisture resistant and moveable. Put it on your laptop, file cabinet, favorite tall drink container, car window, etc. The decal (1) comes with four 2” diameter stickers (non-removable) to call special attention to notes or permanent surfaces.  An inexpensive way to make a statement!

Unfortunately, the challenges of students with hearing loss are widely misunderstood. All too often, student learning issues are either minimized, ignored, or treated as though there is a disorder, rather than an access issue that needs specific access accommodations, supports, and specialized instruction.

The zebra logo, although simplistic, is a ‘call to arms’ for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing and others who work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing, to advocate for their unique needs. Based on the popular saying, “When you hear hoof beats it is usually horses, not zebras” refers to the majority of students requiring specialized instruction due to various learning disorders as “horses,” and students with hearing loss, whose learning issues are secondary to reduced communication access as “zebras.”

One 5” heavy plastic, moveable decal + four 2” stickers for only $3.75