Wizard’s Challenge Self-Concept & Self-Advocacy Game

$14.00 + S/H   

Harry PotterThose of you who have purchased Building Skills for Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom will recognize this fun, motivating and simple game. It is written for children who have read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies.

Wizard hatWhen Harry started at Hogwarts he was viewed as ‘different’ because of his scar. His classmates did not understand what it meant to have the lightning bolt scar left by Lord Voldemort. Harry had to deal with being ‘different’ through some very challenging times!  Wizard’s Challenge draws parallels between Harry’s life and growing up with a hearing loss in the mainstream.

Wizaard game board
What is included:

  • Laminated 8.5″ x 11″ game board
  • 50 game cards
  • 1 ‘magical’ purple die with red spots
  • Wizards game photoFour laminated game pieces with plastic bases
  • 2-page guidance for upper elementary and middle school students: Challenges of School Success – At Hogwarts and in the Mainstream Classroom
  • Example IEP goals written to the Common Core Standards


Wizard’s Challenge Self-Concept & Self-Advocacy Game  $14.00 + S/H   

Self-Concept Combo: (1) Wizard’s Challenge, (2) TJ’s Story  (3) WEIRD! ALL 3 FOR $40.00 +  S/H   



Wizard hat

TJs story

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