The Developing Child with Unilateral Hearing Loss

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Having worked at a state level for an early intervention program, I repeatedly heard intervention providers lament about how to provide appropriate services to families of newly diagnosed infants with unilateral hearing loss. According to EHDI data from the Centers for Disease Control,  20%-30% of all infants diagnosed with hearing loss have unilateral hearing loss. The result is hundreds of families of babies with unilateral hearing loss who are seeking assistance to understand what the hearing loss may mean to their child’s future and to receive direction on how they can best influence their child’s success. Due to the increased in identification of infants with unilateral hearing loss, early intervention service providers who have long experience in serving children who are bilaterally deaf or hard of hearing have struggled with how to appropriately serve these children and their families as their needs are not the same as children with hearing loss in both ears. I’m very pleased to present the materials below as they are unique in their attention to providing information specifically for families of children with unilateral hearing loss.                 Karen Anderson, Director

What is The Developing Child with Hearing Loss?

A step-by-step Guide to Early Intervention for children with UHL.

The early intervention material is based on a 100-slide PowerPoint Presentation that explains what should be discussed at each of the first 5 or so early intervention sessions along with family-friendly information to address each key point. Handouts have been drawn from the slide groups to serve as a summary of key concepts. The 60-page guide also includes specific information for pediatric or educational audiologists to refer to after diagnosis.

Included in the Guide for Early Intervention Providers

  • A summary of research that supports why there is concern over the development of children with unilateral hearing loss.
  • Guidance for early intervention providers including step-by-step presentation of information and valuable handouts to support your discussions of these topics:
    • Making the case that unilateral hearing loss is significant to listening
    • Developing effective interaction skills in everyday activities
    • Addressing behavior and social development
    • Preparing for school success
  • Also includes guidance for pediatric or educational audiologists to provide appropriate support and information to influence family attitudes toward the importance of unilateral hearing loss.


The Developing Child with Unilateral Hearing Loss is a book rich with ideas to convey meaningful and helpful considerations for the family/care-givers of a child with a unilateral hearing loss or a hearing loss in just one ear.  

 A unilateral hearing loss is often difficult for families to truly consider the negative impact of hearing and listening with only one ear.  The family/care-giver sees their child respond to so many sounds in their environment throughout their daily routines, which may leave families less likely to take this type of hearing loss seriously than if the child were deaf, or had hearing loss in both ears. 

This book reviews research that has well documented the educational and social challenges that a child with unilateral hearing loss is at risk for experiencing.  It is also loaded with up to date online resources that can help to successfully manage their child’s hearing as well as the inclusion of the author’s own surveys and check lists that help to define and better understand the child’s listening capacity . 

 The book clearly states the problems created by a hearing loss in one ear, as well as offering support to help for the successful management and healthy outcome through a better understanding of the potential impact of their child’s unilateral hearing loss for the entire family.

                                              Educational Audiologist & EI Provider

Materials were designed to support  many varied intervention styles:

  • 3-hole punched, 60-page guide with heavy plastic covers to allow you to use your own notebook and add other pages
  • OR  a digital version of the 60-page Guide (no printed Guide) AND
  • 15 color Discussion Handouts are included in the Guide to accompany topics focused on at each session AND are also provided as single downloadable pdf files for you to print off to share with families. See topics at bottom.
  • Downloadable pdf file of 100-slide PowerPoint  to use on your iPad or media tablet as you work with familie OR you can print the specific slides you want to accompany the handouts and add them to your Guide notebook.
  • 10 additional downloadable pdf resource files to add to your notebook and refer to as you discuss with families and/or to print off as additional handouts for families. See the list of Additional Resource Materials at bottom.
  • A total of 26 downloadable files are included with the printed 60-page Guide

Note: In downloading the files that come with this product you are agreeing to abide by the terms of a limited use license, meaning it is only for use by you with your caseload. It is not legal to share downloaded files for others to use.


Earplugs to demonstrate unilateral hearing loss to families

15 pair for $6.75 +  S/H

  • Families often have a hard time believing that there is any impact when a person has hearing loss in only one ear. Listening is believing! One strategy presented in The Developing Child with Unilateral Hearing Loss asks the parents to listen with an earplug in one ear. Having earplugs on hand also helps to effectively demonstrate the effects of bilateral mild hearing loss on listening!  Although available at many drug, sporting goods and large department stores, Supporting Success provides earplugs for sale for the convenience of busy professionals! Each pair wrapped separately. Sold for only $0.45 each! Noise reduction rating of 33 dB.


Printed 60-page Early Intervention Guide  + 25 digital files + 100-slide pdf PPT (individual use) $35.00 + S/H  

  • This is a restricted use license for a single individual to copy/print/distribute the materials to serve only the families on his/her caseload.   The printed guide will come with a coupon code to allow download of the Discussion Handouts, Additional Resources and pdf of the 100-slide PPT presentation.

Downloadable 60-page Early Intervention Guide +25 digital files + 100-slide pdf PPT (individual use) $31.00  

  • This is a restricted use license for a single individual to print/distribute the digital materials to serve only the families on his/her caseload.

Downloadable 60-page Early Intervention Guide +25 digital files + 100-slide pdf PPT (district/agency purchase for 4-8 professionals) $100.00

  • Designed for the school district or local early intervention agency with 4-8  interventionists working with the families of children with hearing loss. If there are more than 8 intervention providers in the district/agency who will use these digital materials then one or more additional restricted use licenses will need to be purchased.

Discussion Handouts to Share with Families


Additional Resource Materials to Share with Families (downloadable pdf files)

  • Children’s Home Inventory of Listening Difficulties (Family CHILD)
  • Early Listening Function (ELF)
  • Hearing Aid Listening Check Instructions
  • Hearing Loss in One Ear
  • Improving Your Child’s Social Skills
  • Relationship of Hearing Loss to Listening and Learning Needs: Unilateral Hearing Loss
  • Sequence of Auditory, Language and Speech Development for Infants & Toddlers
  • Starting School LIFE (Listening Inventory For Education)
  • Unilateral Hearing Loss Referral Pamphlet


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