BRAND NEW! Teacher Inservice Combo – on SALE through September

If you like the ‘Relationship of Hearing Loss to Listening and Learning Needs’ you will LOVE the new Impact of Hearing Loss on Listening, Learning, and Social Interactions. The Teacher Inservice Combo replaces our previous Inservice Combo and comes with 12 downloadable handouts and checklists (including the fillable SIFTERs!) – ready to use with classroom teachers!

Most of our students are hard of hearing and use hearing aids. Some have used hearing aids consistently since infancy, while others have varying degrees of using their hearing aids inconsistently. For students who have used hearing aids (consistently) since infancy it is no longer most appropriate to share the hearing loss levels with teachers, as the students are actually functioning based on their hearing ability while aided. Also, students with mild hearing loss and those with severe/profound hearing loss are the most likely to use their amplification inconsistently or not at all. In the case of students with 20-40 dB hearing levels, their family members can ‘see’ that they hear and many do not strongly support consistent hearing aid use because they feel that their child can ‘get by’ or ‘do fine’ without use of the hearing aids. Due to consistent aided hearing and in recognition of frequent non-use by students with mild hearing loss, there are four versions of this new inservice handout: 20-25 dB, 25-30 dB, 30-35 dB, and 35-40 dB. For other types and degrees of hearing loss the freely available Relationship of Hearing Loss to Listening and Learning Needs still remain relevant.

What makes this new Impact of Hearing Loss on Listening, Learning, and Social Interactions handout different from the old/free Relationship of Hearing Loss to Listening and Learning?

1. The sections of possible impact on understanding, possible social/emotional impact, and potential educational accommodations have been thoroughly revised

2. Audibility of speech sounds for soft speech (35 dB), conversational speech (45 dB), and teacher speech (50 dB) have been included. A percent audibility is specified as are missing or audible speech sounds.

3. An example of fragmented listening is provided via a paragraph of instructions with parts of speech eliminated based on decreased audibility.

4. Possible listening challenges in school have been included, derived from the LIFE-R Student Appraisal. You can either check off the items that the student has identified as challenges, or leave them as is to raise awareness of difficult listening situations.

5. The footnote contains a check off of important teacher accommodations that you can review to reinforce the necessary accommodations specified in the student’s IEP or 504 Plan.

6. An instruction sheet has been included with suggestions for use with TODAY’S STUDENTS WITH HEARING LOSS!


What else comes in the Teacher Inservice Combo along with the newly revised Impact of Hearing Loss handout? 30 pages of resources not found on the Supporting Success website! The Teacher Inservice Combo is fully digital and includes the following pdf handouts:

1. Impact of Hearing Loss on Listening, Learning, and Social Interactions (5 pages)

2. Emailable, computer fillable SIFTERs (Preschool, Elementary, Secondary) (6 pages)

3. Emailable, computer fillable LIFE-R Teacher Appraisal (2 pages)

4. Emailable, computer fillable Access to Curriculum Inventory (ATCI) for General Education Teacher (3 pages)

5. Children with Hearing Loss Miss More Than You Think (1 page)

6. Listening Comprehension Exercise – Mother’s Aprons (1 page)

7. Barriers to Listening – Visual analogies of listening in noise, reverberation, and distance (5 pages)

8. Student Listening Challenges – Understanding the Missing Pieces (1 page)

9. Attitude is Caught, Not Taught (teacher version) (1 page)

10. Hearing Aid/Cochlear Implant Monitoring and the Law (1 page)

11. Hearing Aid Monitoring – An Important Daily Activity (4 pages)

12. Emailable Tips for Teachers (Early Childhood + K-12) Word version (15 pages)

All 12 Inservice-related Materials in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Format for only $39.00 on SALE through September for $33.00!