Self-Advocacy Skill Development Products

Offered by Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

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Advocacy in Action BSI COACH book cover
Advocacy in Action  Self-Advocacy Curriculum


Book (printed edition) – $46.00

Downloadable files  $40.00

Digital Licenses for 5 users – $134.00

C.O.A.C.H. – Self-Advocacy & Transition Skills for Secondary Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing$48.00
RuleTheSchool game Monkey Talk
Rule the School Self-Advocacy Game      Have fun while learning important strategies!

Digital version – $15   Group $50

Monkey Talk Self-Advocacy Game     Practice the 13 tools of self-advocacy including multiple meaning words and idioms for children to define.

Printed version – $30.00

Digital version (individual) – $18.00

Digital licenses for 8 individuals – $30.00

Im the Boss coverBoss of My Hearing Loss What's the Problem
I’m the Boss Book + Literacy Booster CD
A great story plus a CD full of materials to boost literacy based on the book’s content.

Book only – $15.00

Book + CD – $31.00

What’s the Problem? Game      Practices identifying speaker, environment, listener issues with community and school situations and strategies to mix and match$15.00
SCRIPT DVD Cover 5 ways bedroom pic
SCRIPT – Student Communication Repair Inventory & Practical Training  DVD + Printed Manual  Teach students age appropriate ways to deal with communication breakdowns     $46.00 5 Ways to Say Good Day – Classroom Inservice DVD$6.75
Inservice Combo3
 Inservice Combo: (1) Have you heard? Handouts for School Staff       (2) 5 Ways to Say Good Day DVD  (3) Friends, Like You book  (4) 10 downloadable handouts for teachers      All for $43.00
 Webcast box logo Self-Adv Wksp title slide Webcast box logo
Webcast Session (1 hour):Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream

$24.00    5 LOGINS for $90.00

Webcast Workshop (7 hours) Self-Advocacy Workshop

Professional development workshop in 3 parts (pause and come back anytime)


 Webcast Session (1 hour):Communication Repair: Strategies for Assessment & Skill Building

$24.00    5 LOGINS for $90.00

Webcast box logo
Webcast Session (1 hour)The Accessible General Education Classroom: Strategies to Support Student Success

$24.00    5 LOGINS $90.00