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Use Streamer at Your Next Conference

Want to give people a ‘taste’ of Streamer captioning?
Want to try an alternative to expensive CART accommodations?
Request a FREE, limited use trial for your next conference or meeting!

The ADA requires that you provide equal access for all conference attendees, including those that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Here’s an easy, and affordable, way for you to do just that. With Streamer™ all of your presentations are captioned. There are no apps to download, or software modules to install, or invite codes that need to be distributed. Instead, attendees simply go to a website and log in using the account we will set up for you. The captioning appears on the participant’s smart phones, iPads, or other media devices, and does so in the attendee’s language choice. Plus, with Streamer™ you can upload all handouts to the Streamer Center where participants can download them – no printing of handouts needed! And all of this is completely free.

Download Our Handout with more information about Streamer captioning and translation for Conferences

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss is partnering with Auditory Sciences to offer Streamer captioning and/or translation at your conference at no charge to you or your organization. In order to obtain this service, you will need to provide the information below via email to support@auditorysciences.com.

We would like to request free use of Streamer as an accommodation during a conference:

The dates of our conference are____________

We will have ___ sessions going on at the same time in different room locations (keynote, concurrent sessions, etc.)

We need English captioning only: YES / NO

In addition to English we need the following languages translated and captioned (specify languages) __________________

The best person to contact with the use and login information (email/phone/position/employer)__________________

Specify how many participants you estimate will attend the conference and be exposed to Streamer captioning and/or language translation _________

You must submit your conference flyer or a link to your conference website along with the information above at least one month prior to your conference dates to support@auditorysciences.com. The conference flyer must specify the dates, conference sponsor, intended audience and location.

With the above information, we’ll set up your system and send you more detailed information on how it is used. Note that access to Streamer will be available one week prior to the conference and thru the day following the conference. During the leading week, we’ll help you get everything set up and configured, but we’ll be doing that remotely. You’ll need someone on hand to help out.

By accepting this free service you are agreeing that you will only use it for conference purposes and not in other situations such as a school classroom trial for student accommodation purposes.

NOTE: For best accuracy each speaker must use a microphone that is connected to a computer’s USB port. Using  a comptuer’s built-in mic will work, but with all the background noise present in a large conference room, an external mic that is positioned close to the presenter (e.g., a headset or lapel mic) is strongly recommended. When we get your email, we’ll respond with more detailed information on how to configure your microphones and Streamer accounts.

Questions? Contact support@auditorysciences.com orstreamer-support@success4kidswhl.com or contact 888-963-8991 x4

Download Our Handout