Purchasing StreamerTM Automated Captioning

StreamerTM is Subscription-based

The StreamerTM web-based captioning and translation system is sold on a monthly or annual subscription basis. There’s no per-minute or per-session fee.

Providing one student with the real-time captioning and/or language translation accommodation will require one room (What’s a room?). Accommodating a second student, who has a different class schedule, requires the addition of a second room. Each room allows for up to 30 speakers and or viewers. Each room subscription includes speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

Remote learning situation videos:

1. Closed Captioning with Streamer (6 min)
2. Open Captioning with Streamer (6 min)
3. Webinar on using Streamer for captioning during remote learning (1-hour)

There are three Streamer options to consider:

1. Free Trial: A no-cost 30-day trial subscription for $0 which includes one virtual room and up to 30 participants in that room. This period enables the users to try Streamer captioning and language translation. We highly recommend starting with a trial.

2. Monthly or Annual Subscription for Captioning + Language Translation in 1 Room: Select 2-9 months at a $9.97 per month fee or select an annual subscription of 12 months for $99. Each month-by-month or annual captioning + language translation subscription includes one virtual room and up to 30 participants in that room.

3. Monthly or Annual Subscription for Captioning and Language Translation in 10 Rooms. Discounted pricing when purchasing 10 rooms at one time. You can select 2-9 months at a discounted monthly group rate of $8.97 per room or select an annual subscription of 12 months at a discounted annual group rate of $89 per room. Each month-by-month or annual captioning subscription includes your specified number of virtual rooms and access of up to 30 participants in each room.

Start with a 30-day Streamer Trial Period at No Cost – $0

$0 Trial Streamer Room – Try it with your existing DM/FM system

A 30-day trial period with Streamer automated captioning is available at no cost. This trial is designed for school professionals who wish to use their own microphone system and cables to connect to the media device on which Streamer captioning would be displayed. Immediately after purchasing you will receive a link to your own Streamer room that is fully secure and ready for your use for up to 30 days.

Key Considerations for a successful  trial period using your DM/FM microphone:
See the video.   Download a HANDOUT on connectivity in the classroom, including use of Streamer captioning. 

  • You must have a microphone system that:
  • Allows for the microphone to be positioned close to the mouth (a boom mic works better than a lavalier mic)
  • Provides a high quality audio signal
  • Allows for a cabled connection to the USB or Lightning port on the device used for Streamer access.
  • This trial option is ideal for a student who is receiving very good benefit from the use of an existing DM/FM system.
  • An additional receiver (such as an Amigo Arc or Roger MyLink) must be provided to make the connection to the device used for Streamer access.
  • Connecting your microphone’s transmitter or receiver to your media device may require specialty cables and/or adapters. A proper connection is necessary for highly accurate captioning, and the connection is specific to your equipment. The recommended specialty audio cable and USB Sound Card Adapter for connecting a DM/FM system’s receiver to your media device are described at the bottom of this page. This Quick Tip video shows how to connect a Phonak Roger MyLink receiver to a laptop or Chromebook.


Online purchasing is required for no-cost trial periods. If you require cables order online or include the exact description found on this page on your purchase order

Submit purchase orders or requests for quotes by FAX: 480-393-4331 or
Email: orders@success4kidswhl.com. All orders for cables to locations outside of the US require an emailed request for a quote to determine shipping charges.

Following the trial period, an online purchase or a second purchase order will be required to subscribe to additional months of Streamer service or to purchase an annual subscription. NOTE: time required to process this purchase order may interrupt access to the software and use of captioning and/or translation in the classroom.

Streamer – Individual Captioning + Language Translation Account

      •   Individual captioning + language translation – 1 room at $9.97 per month (specify your number of months) or $99 per year.

Streamer – Captioning + Language Translation /Group Subscription

      •   10 rooms – select 2-9 months at $8.97 per month per room or select annual subscription at $89 per room (Quantity Discount!)

Additional quantities inquire at streamer-support@success4kidswhl.com



You must use a microphone that allows for the microphone to be positioned close to the mouth (a boom mic works better than a lavalier mic), provides a high quality audio signal, and allows for a cabled connection to the USB or Lightning port on the device used for Streamer access. In a classroom setting a wireless microphone is the best option. If the student is not a successful FM/DM user, then any high quality Bluetooth wireless microphone can be used.  If you want to explore other microphone options we recommend you look here.



  Audio Cable for Connecting with FM/DM Receivers $4.99

This is a 12″ long, black, stereo (three conductor), male-male cable with a 2.5mm plug on one end, and a 3.5mm plug on the other. Use this item to connect a receiver with a 2.5mm headset jack (such as the Phonak Mylink or an MLxi Checker) to a PureAudio USB Adapter to make the audio-in connection to the media device logged into the Streamer account.


  Andrea Pure Audio USB Sound Card Adapter $37.50 Pure Audio USB Adapter Cable

Use this USB-SA External Digital Sound Card to connect a wireless microphone’s receiver to a computer’s standard USB port. This higher-end unit has built-in audio filters to improve the audio stream. Many lower-end adapters do not have this feature and may actually add noise to the audio signal. Using a lower-end connector or pass-through adapter may result in reduced captioning accuracy.


Questions about Interact-Streamer? Contact Mike Massine at
streamer-support@success4kidswhl.com or contact 888-963-8991 x 4.

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